Six Flags St. Louis

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Six Flags St. Louis is one of the state's most thrilling theme parks and water parks (free with theme park admission). The water park is an amazing 12 acres. The park is also home of THE BOSS, one of the country's top wooden roller coasters. Some of Six Flags' exciting rides include:
XCALIBUR -- This cutting edge thrill ride combines the slinging action of a catapult with the rapid rotation and breathtaking Xcitement of a looping attraction to create a unique ride Xperience!

THE BOSS -- A massive world-class wooden roller coaster graces the skyline of Six Flags St. Louis and the top of the wooden roller coaster charts. Ranked among the country's TOP 5 wooden coasters!

BATMAN THE RIDE -- Guests soar like the Caped Crusader himself in ski lift-style chairs, whisked away from the perils of Gotham City's underground and delivered to the safe confines of Gotham City Park.

THE NINJA -- This mystifying steel coaster propels riders through 2,430 feet of high-speed spirals, steep drops, a state-of-the-art loop, a mind-bending sidewinder and a double corkscrew.

MR. FREEZE -- Chilled to perfection, the coolest coaster on the planet is pwoered by an electromagnetic current. This state-of-the-art thrill ride features new linear induction technology with lightning speed, catapulting passengers from zero to 70 mph in approximately four seconds.

SCREAMIN' EAGLE COASTER -- The one-time Guiness World record holder soars down a three-quarter-mile wooden track at speeds up to 62 mph, climbing 110 feet and racing through drops of 91 feet and 87 feet.

Admission: $18.49-$38.99
Hours: Mid April-October.
Address: I-44 and Allenton Rd.
Phone: 636-938-4800
Our Website:
Handicapped Accessible.

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Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags St. Louis is one of the state's most thrilling theme parks and water parks (free with theme park admission). The wa...