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Skiatook, Oklahoma

Skiatook, Oklahoma

Skiatook, known as the Gateway to the Osage, is masked by rolling wooded hills, sparkling Skiatook Lake and one of the great expanses of tall grass prairie in the country. Just minutes away from Tulsa and Bartlesville, Skiatook is also just five miles from one of Oklahoma's most scenic recreational lakes. Skiatook Lake boasts almost every outdoor sport: fishing, hunting, skiing, sailing, camping, scuba diving and swimming.

Skiatook offers country-style living with its rolling grasslands dotted with cattle and horses. The horse industry is a big business and is increasing every year ... from show horses to work horses and race horses. The home of 1927 Kentucky Derby winner, Black Gold, Skiatook is the home of numerous other winners of today.

A visit to the Skiatook Museum may be of interest to anyone who enjoys history, especially for anyone in search of their family roots. Skiatook is home to the World's Largest Statuary, where ornamental concrete has been produced since 1967. The John Zink Boy Scout Ranch, southwest of Skiatook, is one of America's most unique facilities and includes two Boy Scout Camps. The "Healing Rock" is of special significance to the Native American heritage of Skiatook. Captain's Cemetery and Hillside Cemetery are both historically prominent to the area. The new cemetery, Osage Gardens Cemetery, has constructed a beautiful, Veteran's Memorial on the grounds.

Historical records conflict as to the origin of Skiatook's name. One account offers that the town is founded on land which was once the home of a prominent Osage Indian, Skiatooka. The community around his home was called Skiatook's Settlement. Another account is that the name was taken from a compound word in the Cherokee language meaning either :"big injun me" or describing a large man or a vast tract of land.

However, it is generally accepted that Cherokee Chief William C. Rogers founded Skiatook when he established a trading post in the Cherokee Nation just south of Bird Creek at a point where the stream easily crossed. Skiatooka, the Osage Indian, was a frequent trader at the post, and perhaps this is the connection which resulted in the town's name. Skiatook was incorporated as a town in the summer of 1905.

Skiatook has a rich pioneer tradition, looking back with pride on over one hundred years of progress. Skiatook also looks ahead, seeking to build an even brighter future.

Welcome to Skiatook, a premiere "hometown."

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Skiatook Museum

At Skiatook Museum, anyone interested in their family tree or Skiatook's past, can view personal papers, documents, and photographs of the pioneer families, events and places, which are recorded here. In 1988

Skiatook, OK Museums

World's Largest Statuary

In 32 years of production, the Skiatook Statuary has shipped casting to both coasts, Canada and points south in Texas and Florida. On one rare occasion, products were sent air freight to Saudi Arabia, and another via the Port of Catoosa, to Russia. There are over 5

Skiatook, OK Arts

Veteran's Memorial

Local citizens rallied together with the Town and a beautiful Veteran'

Skiatook, OK Memorials

Battle of Chustenahlah Site

"This site, 3.5 miles NW is where Col. James McIntosh, 2nd ARK.MTD. Rifles, routed loyal Union Indian forces, December 26, 1861. The Battle opened with fire from the Indian line on Patriot's Hill, 2 miles SW. The loyal union Indians finally fled to Kansas." - Oklahoma Historical Society, 167-1995

Skiatook, OK Battlesites

Healing Rock

The Healing Rock is not only one of the most outstanding physical formations found in the area, but it also plays an integral part in Osage County'

Skiatook, OK Ethnic Heritage

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