Somerville Lake Trails

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Somerville Lake Trails Somerville Lake has two (2) nature trails.

Yegua Creek Park in the US Army Corps of Engineers park system has a nature trail approximately 1 mile long within the park. The trail is self-guided, with a trail guide available at the gatehouse.

Lake Somerville State Park Trailway System, located around the west end of the reservoir, connects Birch Creek State Park with Nails Creek State Park via 13 miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, backpacking, birding, and nature study. Both Nails and Birch Creek Units have designated equestrian trails and campsites. The main riding trail is 13.5 miles long, with branching loop trails. The trail length is 21.6 miles. Users must provide their own horses. The terrain is hilly and rocky at the trail access points, but flat and grassy in between. All paths are multi-use and open to hikers, cyclists, and horse riders. There are self-composting toilets and shade shelters spaced along the trail. Non-potable water sources, as well as creeks and streams, are available for horses, but campers must carry in their own drinking water. There are five (5) group-camping areas along the trail with benches and fire rings. Individual campsites are located at either end of the main trail (Nails Creek Unit has 10, and Birch Creek Unit has 20). The individual campsites have fire rings, picnic tables, grills, and nearby drinking water. Nails Creek Unit has a horse pen and hitching posts. Birch Creek Unit has hitching posts only.

Flag Pond, located approximately 4 miles from Nails Creek State Park and 9 miles from Birch Creek State Park along the Somerville Trailway, provides waterfowl hunting and non-consumptive wildlife viewing opportunities in conjunction with a system of interpretive trails, nature study, outdoor classrooms, and wildlife photography. The Flag Pond Nature Theater provides an excellent wildlife-viewing platform. The management objective is directed toward wintering waterfowl and increasing food supply to better condition the birds before their journey to spring nesting grounds. Strategies to accomplish these objectives include planting of domestic grain crops, moist soil management, and water level control. This project will increase waterfowl hunting opportunity and non-consumptive wildlife viewing opportunities in conjunction with a system of interpretive trails, as well as opportunities for nature study, outdoor classrooms, and wildlife photography. Well water for horses only is available at Newman Bottom and Wolf Pond. Chemical toilets are in the area. There are also trails accessible to the disabled in both parks.

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Somerville Lake State Parks

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department operates two State Parks units (Nails Creek Unit and Birch Creek Unit) at Somerville Lake with overnight camping facilities. The State Parks offer a multitude of recreational opportunities such as camping, picnicking, boating, fishing;

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Somerville Lake Water Sports

Two private floating marinas, Big Creek Marina and Lake Somerville Marina, and 11 boat ramps provide plenty of lake access for water recreation. The fee for boat launching at US Army Corps of Engineers operated parks is $3.00

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Somerville Lake Parks

Somerville Lake has RV and tent camping facilities. The US Army Corps of Engineers operates two (2) parks (Rocky Creek Park and Yegua Creek Park ) with overnight camping facilities. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department operates two , TX Camping

Somerville Lake Fishing

Somerville Lake has enjoyed a reputation of being an excellent catfish lake for many years. Fisherman also enjoy catching Largemouth Bass, White Bass, Hybrid Bass, White Crappie, Bluegill Sunfish (Perch), Channel Catfish, Blue Catfish, and Flathead (Yellow) Catfish. White bass

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