St. Ignatius Chapel

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St. Ignatius Chapel The St. Ignatius Chapel was built here in 1889 and replaced the original chapel which had been built near here in 1871.

Historical Marker (1967) -
"Rich in the tradition of the early frontier this historic shrine, which was built as the Church of St. Ignatius, has had a great influence on the religious life of the Command from the days of the troopers of saddle, saber and rifle to the nuclear scholar and student of present times.

From its earliest foundation in 1827 the Archives of Fort Leavenworth identify an illustrious list of courageous Jesuit missionaries, Benedictine monks, U.S. Army chaplains and other distinguished soldiers who have contributed immeasurably to this glorious heritage. To these noble soldiers of God and Country this historic marker is dedicated."

Entrance to the Fort may be restricted.

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Barth Hall and the "Beehive"

Barth Hall, the building on the corner of Kearney and McCellan Avenues, was the home in 1881 of the School of Application for Cavalry and Infantry, the predecessor of the Command and General Staff College. The large building directly west of Barth Hall is known as the "Beehive." Built in 1882

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Syracuse Houses

The two frame houses are known as the Syracuse Houses because they were designed in 1855 by E.V. Carr, a prominent architect from Syracuse, New York. Lt. Colonel George Custer and his wife lived in one of these houses for a few months in 1868.

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General Grant's Statue

Sculpted by Loredo Taft, in 1889, the statue and the pedestal are 9 feet tall each. It was the largest statue of its type in the Midwest when it was installed.

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Command & General Staff College

The School of Application for Cavalry and Infantry, established in 1881.

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Old Stone Wall

The Stone wall behind and across the street from Grant's statue is a favorite with photographers. The wall was restored in the early part of this century by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

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