St. Marys, Kansas

St. Marys, Kansas

The beautiful town of St. Marys is on the Kansas River and marks the earliest point settled by white men in Pottawatomie County.

In 1848, the Jesuit fathers, chief among who were Rev. Morris Gailland, Rev. J.B. Hoeken and Rev. Father Va Wright, established a mission at what is now the town of St. Marys, for the purpose of educating the Indians so as to bring them to the knowledge of Christianity.

Benjamin H. Bertrand and his brother Joseph, who were Catholics, worked with the priests for the initial movement for the foundation of an institution known as St. Mary's College. The Mission School for the Pottawatomie started in 1848 and lasted until 1869 until the college became chartered. By 1882, it was one of the most attractive places for student life that could be found in the west.

St. Marys was laid out as a town by B.H. Bertrand, August 8, 1866. Three land additions were made by 1870.

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St. Mary's College (Originally St. Mary's Mission)

A Brief History of St. Mary's Mission St. Marys, Kansas Following their removal from the Great Lakes area, Pottawatomie Indians were moved to Kansas. Admission was set up for them on Sugar Creek near present day Osawatomie in March of 1839. In1846

St. Marys, KS Historic Churches

Historical Barn

The Historical Barn was constructed in and dedicated in 1989

St. Marys, KS Museums

"Presence of Three"

This unique sculpture depicts the Pottawatomie Indians, the Mission and the Oregon Trail. It can be seen on the north side of Highway 24 in the center of town.

St. Marys, KS Arts

Indian Pay Station Museum

The Indian Pay Station, the oldest building in Pottawatomie County, was built in 1857

St. Marys, KS Museums

St. Marys Golf Course

St. Marys Golf Course is a city owned 2670 yard, Par 35, 9

St. Marys, KS Golf Courses

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1883 Jail

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