Stockton Lake Scuba Diving

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Stockton Lake Scuba Diving Scuba divers have learned that Stockton Lake holds many great dive sites below her glittering surface. The underwater structures are as beautiful and varied as the surface terrain which surrounds the lake.

Visibility will vary with the seasons and is usually in the 8 to 10 foot range. Springtime generally brings the visibility up to 25 feet or more. The generally accepted scuba diving season fro Stockton Lake is April through November.

Spearfishing in Missouri is restricted to rough fish only in impounded waters, so Stockton Lake presents an excellent "hunting ground" to hone skills and spearfish for sport. Many scuba divers spearfish for carp, then smoke and can their game.

Many enjoyable dives can be made in Stockton Lake. Boats, scuba equipment rentals and cylinder air fills are available at Orleans Trail Marina, (417) 276-5161, where the owners also are avid divers, and at State Park Marina, (417) 276-5329.

Admission: Park Permit Required
Hours: April through November
Address: 4 miles S of Stockton on Hwy 39
Phone: 417-276-3113
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Stockton Lake Boating

Stockton Lake offers great opportunities for the boating and personal watercraft enthusiast. Stockton is known as one of Missouri's best sailing lakes and the Stockton Yacht Club (link)

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Stockton Lake Campgrounds

Eleven campgrounds are conveniently located around Stockton Lake. Eight are managed by the Corps of Engineers (Cedar Ridge, Crabtree Cove, Hawker Point, Masters, Orleans Trail North, Orleans Trail South, Ruark Bluff East, and Ruark Bluff West); two are operated by marina concessionaires (

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Stockton Lake Area Equestrian Trails

Take to the trails to enjoy the beauty of nature and the company of others on horseback. The shoreline, the wilderness trails, the bluff, the lake and the old abandoned roads on Corp land are savored one hoof beat at a time.

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Stockton Lake Area Hunting

Whether you are an avid fisherman, hunter, or weekend naturalist, Stockton Lake offers an abundance of fish and wildlife for your enjoyment. More than 20,000

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Stockton Lake Fishing

Stockton Lake is a fishing paradise. Small coves along the lakeshore provide hundreds of protected fishing spots. The lake, fed by clear streams, is populated with many different species of fish. With depths sometimes exceeding 100

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