Syracuse, Kansas

Syracuse, Kansas

Syracuse has always been a popular place to live, with many opportunities linked to the land; it lies along the Arkansas River making it one of the most productive areas for wheat, hay, corn, and milo. Our agriculture based economy is also fortified with feedlots and dairies. The huge elevators and shiny railroad tracks reveal the major source of our prosperity. Syracuse is a town of values and friendliness, and is an excellent place to raise a family.

This is the oldest settled town in Hamilton County and one of the oldest west of Newton.

The business and agricultural opportunities of these western lands were so extensively advertised, mostly by the railroad, that it came to the attention of a group of people in Syracuse, New York. After studying the literature and discussing the pros and cons of such a bold venture they effected an organization and decided to send a committee to spy out the land and see if it would be a suitable place for a colony to establish homes.

E.P. Barber, the leader, and organizer, with two companions, D.C. Ackland and S.R. Jones left the state of New York to investigate this virgin territory. When they reached Dodge City they found that passenger service had not yet been established on the new railway work train from Dodge City and arrived at what is now Syracuse on December 25, 1872. At that time Syracuse was only a whistlestop, with a side track and water tower named Hollidaysburg. Later the name was changed to Syracuse in honor of their home town, Syracuse, New York.

Hamilton County has 54,602 acres of walk-in hunting.

Attractions and Upcoming Events

Hamilton County Museum

Enjoy your stay at Syracuse with a visit to the Hamilton County Museum. There are many exhibits displayed in cases as well as period rooms set up to give you a glimpse of life at home for the early pioneers of the western plains.

Enjoy these attractions:

Syracuse, KS Museums

Tamarisk Golf Course

The Tamarisk Golf Course is a 9-hole regulation length course, fully irrigated, situated along the beautiful Arkansas River. Two distinct architectural types are featured. Golf cars are available for rent. Walk-ons accepted at all times. Steel spikes are banned.

Syracuse, KS Golf Courses

Historic Northrup Theater

The Northrup Theater in Syracuse opened April 7, 1930 with "Footlights and Fools" starring Colleen Moore. The ornate "art deco" paint job on the interior was added in the forties. The building has been restored and is operated by the Chamber of Commerce.

Syracuse, KS Theatres

Syracuse Sand Dunes Recreation Park

Syracuse Sand Dunes Recreation Park is 1300 acres of riding fun, plus a 40 acre fishing pond for the family. Water & Electric Hookup Campsites are available for $15.00

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Syracuse Parks

Jaycee Park
409 S. Main
Shelter house, bathrooms, playground equipment, picnic tables, horseshoes, shade.

Benchmark Park
Huser and E. Ave. G

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Things to do near Syracuse, KS

Leoti-Coronado County Seat Fight

The following are two accounts detailing the Leoti-Coronado county seat fight.

The Jones & Plummer Trail

The first trail through the area was made by the Jones & Plummer Cattle Co., bringing their cattle from the Texas Panhandle o...