Two Story Log House

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Two Story Log House Visiting the log house is an experience that one can thoroughly enjoy. The original setting is still intact and the area around the house is cleared, allowing the visitors to envision what the house was like when first built. Mr. Wesley Camp homesteaded the land in 1877, and a signed document from the United States Land Office in Bloomington, Nebraska, which was recorded in August of 1881, was given to Chester H. Waits as being the owner at that time.

The log house builder was an excellent carpenter and must have had much previous experience in house construction, as one can see that all logs (some as long as 20 feet) were worked with until they had at least one level side. The corners are all notched with a "V" for the perfect placement of one log into the next. The logs were worked until the outside was level enough for siding to be attached and the inside was able to be lathed and plastered. This two-story structure is one of only four known two-story log houses in the sate of Nebraska, according to the Nebraska State Historical Society.

The basement was designed for people under six feet! The fireplace in the basement was probably the furnace of the 1880s and was equipped with a large swinging iron hook that one could hang a large kettle on. The area of the basement is 19 feet by 16feet, reached by the normal 1880s stairs consisting of steep and narrow steps.

The log house has been restored through the efforts of Lyle Hutchens, who recalls hunting the creek as a youngster, and enjoying going into the vacant house. He bean to realize that the structure would not last much longer and appealed for some help in restoration procedures.

The log house was the home of Opal (Pettit) Bland when she was 7 years old. The logs were hewn from large trees taken along the Beaver Creek and the stones for the basement were the native limestone rocks of the area east of the house. It is a marvel to figure out how those huge rocks were put into place as one would have to 1quarry them into blocks and then transport and place them into postilion. It would not have been done easily!

Many have contributed to the successful restoration project and the currently owners of the land are Mike and Julie Smith, who have willingly allowed public access to see the one of the few two story log houses that are in existence. It is the hope of all the people who have contributed time and money, that the project will have a lasting effect and be able to be appreciated by many generations to come.

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