Wildlife Heritage Center & Museum

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Wildlife Heritage Center & Museum The Wildlife Heritage Center Museum is a 3100 square foot log cabin facility serving as a wildlife and nature resources conservation, public education learning center. The Museum features a hands on animal-hides petting zoo inside along with mounted deer, bobcats, and fox. Coming soon will be a mounted black bear. Adults and children alike enjoy the Whitetail and Fallow deer exhibits located outside adjacent to the facility.

Admission: Free Admission, donations welcomed.
Hours: Open 9-5 Mon-Sat, Closed Sundays and Holidays
Address: 610 SW D Street
Phone: 580-298-9933
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Antlers Tornado

On April 12 , 1945, at 5:20 pm, a tornado first touched down southwest of town near the Hall communtiy. At 5:45

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Outdoor Murals

"Welcome To Antlers" is represented on this building mural as you enter town from the west on Highway 3. - Artist, Lawrence, '99

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Antlers Springs

For no one knows how many hundreds of years, a brisk trickle of fresh mountain water has bubbled from the earth within what now are the city limits of Antlers. Long before Civil War days, adventurers and Indians and stock traders used to halt in their day'

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Wildlife Heritage Center & Museum

The Wildlife Heritage Center Museum is a 3100

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Old Frisco Depot

The Frisco Depot at Antlers is now under the management of the Pushmataha County Historical Society. The building had been unoccupied since 1958 and was in a sad state of disrepair until 1985 when the depot had been slowly and painstakingly restored to the state of dignity that it deserves.

Antlers, OK Railroad History

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