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Adair CountyAdair County boasts the oldest house in the state of Oklahoma - the two story, eight-room house build in 1833 by Joel Bryan. Old Baptist Mission, north of Westville, marks the end of the Cherokee Trail of Tears. Many descendants of those who traveled the infamous trail still live in Adair County, which is said to have the largest concentration of Cherokees in the nation. The Cherokee National Museum, west of Stilwell, presents ancient artifacts, Indian art, and other special exhibits which view the history and culture of the Cherokees.

Adair County is comprised of two Cherokee Nation Districts, Flint and Goingsnake. Each Indian Territory district had its own courthouse. Flint courthouse was located at the town of Mayes south of Sallisaw Creek in what is now the Dahlonegah community. The Goingsnake courthouse was located just a few miles west of Westville. In 1977, the Adair County Historical Society obtained a grant to build a replica of the old Flint courthouse. The log structure was built on the exact site of the old courthouse. The Cherokee Nation now owns the property.

Adair County was named for Colonel William Penn Adair, born in Georgia, April 15, 1830. He was the eldest of the 8 children of George Washington Adair, and Martha (Patsy) Martin Adair. His maternal grandfather was Judge John Martin, who was a member of the Cherokee Constitutional Convention of 1828, the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and the first treasurer of the Cherokee Nation.

George Washington Adair was one of the signers of the Treaty of New Echota in 1835, The Removal Treaty, that precipitated the infamous "Trail of Tears." When removal seemed eminent, the Adair and Martin families left Georgia c. 1837, for the West. They traveled in covered wagons, taking their livestock and slaves with them.

The Adair family settled in the Flint District where William Penn received his schooling in the Cherokee schools. He served as senator of the Cherokee Nation from 1853 - 1860. Both he and his father served in General Stand Watie's company during the Civil War where he earned the rank of Colonel in the Cherokee Mounted Regiment. It was during this time that he served with 1st Lt. Clement Vann Rogers. They became such good friends that when Clem's son was born November 4, 1879, he was named William Penn Adair Rogers (Will Rogers).

After the Civil War Colonel Adair was chosen to be delegate to represent the Cherokee Nation in Washington, C.C. where he served for 12 years. In 1879, just before his death, he came Assistant Principal Chief. He died in Washington, D.C. on October 23, 1880, and is buried at Tahlequah.

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Starr Springs Monument

The Starr Springs area was first settled by the Benjamin Cooper family in 1834. It was the site of the Andrew Adair and George Washington Adair massacre in 1853

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Foreman Cemetery

Many early graves dating back to the days of Westville's settlement are marked for reverence.

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Veteran's Memorial

In 1992, this patriotic memorial to the veteran's of all wars was dedicated on the front lawn of the Adair County Courthouse. "Lest We Forget" those men who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the peace and security of their fellow man.

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Baptist Mission Cemetery

Many early graves dating back to the days of the old Mission are marked for reverence. Located across the street from the Old Babtist Mission Church built in 1888 and still in use.

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Historic Monuments at Babtist Mission

Robert Rodgers

A signer of the treaty of New Echota and grandfather of famed Will Rogers. Robert Rogers moved with his wife, Sally Vann, to Indian Territory about 1837, and established a home about 1 mile northwest. He was killed in 1842

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Old Baptist Mission

The establishment of the Baptist Mission marked the end of the Cherokee Trail of Tears. Sunday services are still held in the 1888 church. The historical marker on the front lawn reads:

"About 4 miles north and west

Establsihed by Rev. Jesse Busyhead in 1839

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Eagle Theater

Movies. The name conjures up an era of innocence watered by cold soda pop and fertilized by the smell of hot, buttered popcorn. It recalls the excitement of a well-shaven hero, a beautiful virtuous heroine, and the happy memories of yesteryear.

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Fairfield Mission Monument

"Established among the western Cherokees by Dr. Marcus Palmer in 1829 under the auspices of Boston based American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. First located in Pope County, Arkansas Territory, and known as Mulberry Mission.

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Adair County Courthouse

After Governor Charles N. Haskell's declaration on May 6, 1910, that Stilwell was the permanent county seat of Adair County, the county records were moved from Westville to Stilwell for the last time. A two-story frame school building, erected in 1902, was used until 1908

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Deer and Small Game - Deer and small game are found in woods, fields, and forests in the Westville area. Hunting by permit in the Cookson Hills Game Refuge near Lake Tenkiller - turkey, quail, rabbit, squirrel, elk, and deer.

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