Osage County, OK Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Birch Lake

    Birch LakeThe dam site is at mile 0.8 of Birch Creek approximately one and one half miles south of the of the town of Barnsdall and about twenty miles southwest of the city of Bartlesville.

    Birch Lake

  • Keystone Lake

    Keystone LakeKeystone Lake'
    Keystone Lake
  • Skiatook Lake

    Skiatook LakeSkiatook Lake has a surface area of about 10,500 acres and 160
    Skiatook Lake
  • Hulah Lake

    Hulah LakeHulah Lake lies in the upper reaches of the high rounded Osage Hills, and was named after the nearby community of Hulah, which was established in 1918
    Hulah Lake
  • Kaw Lake

    Kaw Lake Kaw Lake's beauty is like a beacon urging you to come romp and play in nature's playground. Here you won't find wall-to-wall houses, you'
    Kaw Lake