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Thomas CountyThomas County lies in the rolling Sandhills in north central and western Nebraska. The grass waves tall and the cattle herds are scattered over the hillsides. The ponds and lakes sprout duck families as if by spontaneous generation. This region is a sanctuary for large and small game, waterfowl, and a multitude of bird species. These is abundant surface and subsurface fresh water that test 99 percent pure. The Loup River wanders through the village of Thedford and the Dismal River maneuvers its curves providing canoeing nd other water related activities.

Lying south of Valentine National Wildlife Refuge and encompassing Nebraska National Forest, America's largest Man-made forest, Thomas County rests in the center of this prime area for hunting and outdoor recreational activities. The air is clear and clean. Pollution is non-existent and the sky is so blue it seems you can see forever. The trees and gardens in their varieties of green radiate on sunny days. And ;you can stand on a hill and look for miles without interference from high rise buildings, super highways or technical towers.

With the greatest supply of underground water in the world, moderate climate, and lush native grasses, the Nebraska Sandhills is the home of the finest cattle herds of nearly every breed, registered and commercial. With few exceptions, the ranches of the area are family owned and operated. Four to five generations of ranch families have bred and developed their herds to provide the feeders and breeders with the qualities they are looking for in cattle.

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Bessey Nursery

Located near Halsey, the Bessey Nursery, as originally established, comprised fifteen acres of land south of the Middle Loup River and included a two-story headquarters building, mess hall, barn, and shop building. The nursery was created in 1903

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Thedford Art Gallery

This major attraction is a surprising discovery for many visitors ... even more so when they learn that it is owned and totally supported by a small art group ... the Thedford Art Guild. It is an inspiration for fellow artists and travelers alike, and a warm welcome is extended to all!

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Thomas County Courthouse

Following the establishment of Thomas County, Thedford became the county seat in 1887, and a courthouse was built two years later. The courthouse served the county well until it was destroyed in a fire in 1920. After some delays a special election was held in 1923

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Nebraska National Forest

The Nebraska National Forest, located one mile west of Halsey and twenty minutes from Thedford along Highway 2 offers some of the most fabulous scenery in the state. It's been called a forest planted in the desert -- a ponderosa pine wilderness in the middle of the sandhills.


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Thomas County Historical Society Museum

The area's newest museum is the Thomas County Historical Society Museum. Each room of the former residence of one of Thedford'

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Scott Lookout Tower

You can see the trees and beautiful sand hills countryside for miles when you climb to the top of the Scott Lookout Tower. Visitors may view the sandhills scenery and tree plantations as well as learn about forest fire spotting techniques. The stairway to the observation deck is steep;

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Discover Llamas

An outing to Rainbow Llamas owned by the Dickman's of Thedford, Nebraska, is educational as well as enjoyable, and the Dickmans are outstanding hosts and can answer all questions about llamas and their care.

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