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Stafford CountyFor more than three centuries, Stafford County was, figuratively speaking, a "house by the side of the road, where the race of men go by."

With the early exploration in Kansas by Coronado in 1541, from Spain, his route was destined to become one of the most historic roadways of all Kansas. In 1740, the Mallet brothers traversed it on their tour of exploration; Zebulon Pike trod its miles on his way to Colorado in 1806. This same strip of bottom land became part of the Santa Fe Trail and continued to be the chief thoroughfare of central Kansas until the coming of the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe --and even the railroad followed the same route as far as Kinsley.

Stafford County was created in 1868, although not formally organized until 1879, with the required 600 population requirement. It was named in honor of Capt. Lewis Stafford, a Civil War soldier in the lst KS Infantry. After incarceration in Andersonville, Stafford was killed at the battle of Young's Point in Louisianna.

The Mormon community of "Latter Day Saints" is generally credited with first settling the county as well as building the first church in the county. Arriving in 1875, some 25-30 ox-driven vehicles rolled in coming from West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Their homestead clustered around the exact center of the county. The established a Post Office in the name of Zion Valley.

History of Stafford County, by Frank E. Steele

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Ida Goodman Library

The Ida Long Goodman Memorial Library was built and dedicated in 1969. A gift from Mrs Ida Long Goodman, a former teacher, principal, and Stafford County superintendent made the facility possible.

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Stafford County Country Club

Stafford County Country Club is a 9 hole golf course with grass greens. It's open to the public; pay when you play. For groups it'

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Santa Fe Depot

In 1886 the first iron horse, the train, thundered into Stafford. The line was the Chicago-Kansas and Western. This was changed to the Santa Fe ten years later. The AT&SF railroad runs east/

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Henderson House

A touch of aristocratic charm combined with friendly hospitality, this 1905 "doll house," which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

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St. John Science Museum

St. John Science Museum is a nationally known, working museum of scientific demonstrations that young and old can enjoy. In the museum you will see... * Electricity Traveling Through The Air! * A Bicycle Generator That Puts You To Work! *

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Fountain in the Park

Hesperian ladies from 1909 until 1914 earned approximately $5,000.00 for park improvements. They purchased a "fountain popular for the times" and dedicated it to Thomas Mosely because of his interest and dedication to a pleasant and attractive park on October 17, 1913

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Stafford County Historical Museum

This 21-room museum depicts the Stafford County's history through artifacts dating from the 1800's to the present. A wealth of regional data is maintained in the genealogical libray.

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Memorial Library

The Nora E. Larabee Memorial Library is a memorial to the only daughter of two of the town's leading citizens. The building is built of red brick, and has beautiful beveled glass windows, gargoyle rain spouts, 20

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Brown Park

Brown Park is complete with playground equipment, a swimming pool, tennis and

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Ritz Theater

The Ritz Theater on Main Street has been preserved and is used for occasional performances. Plans are underway for regular performances. The building is available for concerts and private movie showings; the cost is $25/hr. or $100/day. Two projectors are available(16m & 35m-gas.)

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