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Stevens County100 years ago the area that is now Stevens County was known chiefly because the Cimarron route of the Santa Fe Trail went through there and because that area was good buffalo hunting grounds. The lush grass of the Cimarron Valley probably tempted many Texas cattleman as they drove their herd thru western Kansas on the way to the railhead at Dodge City, but none ventured to claim this prize until 1879 when the Beauty brothers arrived with a herd under the leadership of John Beaty. The established 3 ranchers, one, Sand Wells, in Stevens County. The county was permanently organized by an act of the Kansas Legislature in 1887.

The town of Woodsdale was located 8 miles from Hugoton and was Hugoton's chief rival in the early days of the county. Nothing remains of Woodsdale today, but it fought fiercely to get the county seat honors in a fight that culminated in what is known in Stevens County as the Hay Meadow Massacre.

Finally in 1913, the railroad came to Hugoton. This was cause for the biggest celebration that Stevens County had ever had. Twenty beeves were barbecued to feed the railroad officials, government officials and 8,000 visitors who came.

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Municipal Swimming Pool

Cool off on those hot summer days at the Hugoton Municipal Swimming Pool. Zip down the water slides, splash in from the diving boards, or relax on the side of the pool. A great way to escape the heat of the summer.

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Stevens County Gas & Historical Museum

The Stevens County Gas & Historical Museum was dedicated on May 16, 1961. It was established as a memento of the Hugoton Gas Field and the progressive development of Stevens County. Currently, the gas well, drilled in 1945,is still producing. The 1945

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Early Methodist Church

The Early Methodist Church was built in 1905-1906 and was the second church built in Hugoton. Currently the church is being used by St. Timothy's Episcopal Church congregation each Sunday. Located in the Museum Complex.

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City Parks

There are three parks within the city limits, with City Park

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Hugoton Municipal Golf Course

This nine-hole municipal course consists of lush bluegrass fairways, grass greens and a few sand traps. A driving range is situated just east of the first hole. The course is open from daylight to dark, 365 days a year, weather permitting. A new clubhouse was erected in 1999

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Hugoton Gas Derrick

The gas well that was dug into the Hugoton Gas Field in 1945

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The Hugoton Meteorite

The Hugoton Meteorite was located on the J.D. Lynch farm, in Stevens County, four miles west and two miles north of Hugoton. It is now housed at the Arizona State University for the Center For Meteorite Studies and Museum of Geology at Tempe.

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Some of the nations best pheasant hunting is in Western Kansas. The area around Hugoton is no different. It offers some of the best pheasant hunting around.

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Santa Fe Depot

The Hugoton Santa Fe Depot was first known in 1913, when the railroad came to Stevens county. It was removed from its location in 1982 and taken to the museum complex, having a service record of over 70

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Hugoton 1887 Historic Home

The Early Dwelling House in Hugoton was built in 1886-1887 by B.E. Stehlt. Stehle was the first druggist in Hugoton, Kansas. The house is currenty furnished as it would have been for a family in 1885, and is located in the Museum Complex.

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