Northeast, New Mexico Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Blue Hole Lake

    An artesian spring in Santa Rosa delivers 3,000 gallons of clear water a minute to an 80-foot-deep opening in rock formations. With water delivered at 61 degrees, it is open year-round for swimmers (cold water), qualified scuba divers and scuba classes. No swimming fee, a modest fee for scuba ... Continue
  • Conchas Lake

    Conchas Lake

    With its ample camping and picnicking facilities, boat ramps, marina, bait and tackle supplies, food services, and playgrounds, Conchas Lake offers visitors a variety of services. An airstrip and golf course are located at the south recreational area. Campgrounds at the park offer a total of 101 ... Continue
  • Santa Rosa Lake

    Surrounded by low rolling hills dotted with juniper and pinyon, this attractive lake is not only popular with anglers but also attracts water skiers, canoeists, and wildlife enthusiasts. The panoramic views seem to go on forever. Park amenities include a group picnic shelter, restrooms, and ... Continue
  • Storrie Lake

    Favorable summer breezes attract colorful windsurfing boards to Storrie Lake State Park, which is also popular for fishing and boating. The visitor center features historical exhibits about the Santa Fe Trail and 19th century Las Vegas. The park is comprised of 80 acres of land and 1,100 acres ... Continue
  • Ute Lake

    Ute Lake

    Known for its numerous little coves and inlets, Ute Lake is among the state's longest lakes, almost 13 miles long, though only 1 mile wide at its widest. A popular family camping destination, this boating and fishing park also has good swimming spots, a hiking/ nature trail, and wildlife. ... Continue