Prairie Lakes Region, Nebraska Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Elwood Reservoir

    Elwood Reservoir

    Elwood Reservoir was formed in the late 1970s as part of a project to rehabilitate and modernize Central's E65 irrigation canal system. The lake was created by damming one end of a series of canyons. Water from the E65 Canal is pumped into the reservoir each spring to supplement flows in the ... Continue
  • Enders Lake

    Enders Lake

    Enders Reservoir is a combination of recreational and wildlife lands, with the additional dedication of a portion of the area as a wildlife refuge in the fall and winter. Because of its refuge status, the recreational facilities have not been quite as extensively developed by the Game and Parks ... Continue
  • Harlan County Lake

    Harlan County Lake

    Located on the Republican River in south central Nebraska, the Harlan County Dam controls a drainage area of 7,164 square miles. A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' project covering 31,000 acres, with 13,250 acres of water surface, Harlan County is Nebraska's second largest lake. The lake and ... Continue
  • Johnson Lake

    Johnson Lake

    While most lakes on Central's supply canal are canyon lakes, Johnson Lake was originally a natural depression or low-lying area when construction began in 1939. Named for George E. Johnson, Central's chief engineer during construction of the hydro-irrigation project and general manager from 1935 ... Continue
  • Lake McConaughy

    Lake McConaughy

    Nearly everything about Lake McConaughy is big. At full storage of 1,948,000 acre-feet, Big Mac is 22 miles long, 4 miles wide for quite some distance from the dam, and 142 feet deep near the dam. When full, Nebraska's largest reservoir is 35,700 acres and has 105 miles of shore line with many sand ... Continue
  • Lake Ogallala SRA

    Lake Ogallala SRA

    Chilled by the massive surface of Lake McConaughy, a breeze sweeps gently eastward across Kingsley Dam and tumbles 160 feet to the surface of Lake Ogallala. There, at the "little lake," anglers and campers enjoy the natural air conditioning, but sunset comes early in the shadow of the towering dam ... Continue
  • Medicine Creek Reservoir

    Medicine Creek Reservoir

    Medicine Creek Reservoir has 1,800 surface acres of water and is rated by many visitors as one of Nebraska's loveliest recreation spots. Medicine Creek State Recreation Area and wildlife lands encompass some 8,500 acres of public land and water. The dam on Medicine Creek is a zoned, earth-filled ... Continue
  • Red Willow Reservoir

    Red Willow Reservoir

    The Nebraska Game and Park Commission administers Red Willow's recreation and wildlife resources. Some of the finest fishing and hunting in the state are found here, and the Commission has built some excellent facilities for camping and water-oriented recreation. At maximum pool, the lake overs ... Continue
  • Sherman Reservoir

    Sherman Reservoir

    Sherman Dam, located on Oak Creek, was completed by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation in January, 1962. Sherman Reservoir stores off-season water flows for release during the irrigation season. A facility of the Middle Loup Division of the Nebraska-Kansas Project, the dam creates a reservoir with 65 ... Continue
  • Swanson Reservoir

    Swanson Reservoir

    Situated on the Republican River, Swanson Lake offers boaters and fishermen 4,794 acres of crystal clear water at top conservation pool. Nearly another 4,000 acres of public land are managed by the Game and Parks Commission for outdoor recreation and wildlife. The zoned, earth-filled dam was ... Continue