Red Carpet Country, Oklahoma Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Canton Lake

    Canton Lake

    Located in the heart of Northwest Oklahoma, Canton Lake is easily accessible for a fun-filled, action-packed summer vacation or just a weekend outing. This beautiful man-made lake offers various outdoor recreational activities for the entire family. Every year Canton Lake is visited by a large ... Continue
  • Fort Supply Lake

    Fort Supply Lake

    Fort Supply Lake is located in northwest Oklahoma in Woodward County on Wolf Creek, approximately 1 mile south of Fort Supply, and 12 miles northwest of Woodward. This man-made lake with 5,730 surface acres and 26 miles of shoreline offers extensive opportunities for the outdoor recreation ... Continue
  • Great Salt Plains Lake

    Great Salt Plains Lake

    Great Salt Plains Lake is located on the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River and is well known as a premier lake in northwest Oklahoma for excellent channel cat fishing. The lake consists of 8,700 surface acres and sits in a basin bordered by salt plains on the west with red shale bluffs and sandy ... Continue
  • Kaw Lake

    Kaw Lake

    Kaw Lake's beauty is like a beacon urging you to come romp and play in nature's playground. Here you won't find wall-to-wall houses, you'll find well-designed public campgrounds tucked into the many coves and inlets. You won't find traffic jams or hear screeching tires, but you will find roads ... Continue
  • Lake Carl G. Etling

    Lake Carl G. Etling

    Lake Carl Etling, the 200 acre lake located within Black Mesa State Park, was formed by a dam on Carrizzo Creek. Completed in 1959, Lake Etling has shoreline of 5 miles and an average depth of 11 feet with a maximum depth of 38 feet. Recreational camping is available in the State Park designated ... Continue
  • Optima Lake

    Optima Lake

    Optima Lake is located in the panhandle of Oklahoma in Texas County on the Beaver River, approximately 4 1/2 miles northeast of Hardesty, and 20 miles east of Guymon. The Angler Point Public Use Area located below the dam has 21 campsites with electricity, however, it has been closed due to lack of ... Continue