Nebraska Historical Markers

  • Cass County Historical Markers

    Cass County Historical Markers

    Bess Streeter Aldrich 1881-1954

  • Ponca Tribe Marker

    Ponca Tribe Marker

    This has been the homeland of the Ponca Indians since earliest recorded history. In 1866

  • Sam Bass Train Robbery Marker

    The first and greatest robbery of a Union Pacific Train took place near Big Springs on the night of September 18, 1877

  • Trail of Tears

    Historical marker commemorates the Ponca 'Trail of Tears' when members of the tribe tried to return to their home country from the

  • Nebraska State Grange Historical Marker

    During the 1870s, the Grange was the major voice of the American farmer. Its social, educational and fraternal activities brightened farm life.

  • Battle of Blue Water

    Battle of Blue Water

    This historical marker recounts the largest engagement between United States troops and Native Americans ever fought in Nebraska territory, and one of the 12

  • The Hollman Grave Historical Marker

    The Hollman Grave Historical Marker

    It has been estimated that at least 20,000 persons died on the overland trail between 1842 and 1859. This averages ten graves per miles over the 2,000

  • Directional Stone Marker

    Directional Stone Marker

    This stone marker has been moved from its original location and placed just north of the Nebraska Historical Marker of the John Hollman grave.

  • Oregon Trail Marker

    Oregon Trail Marker

    This marker of the Oregon Trail is located on the walking path that leads visitors to the crest of Windless Hill in Ash Hollow State Historical Park.

  • First Rural Mail Delivery

    The establishment of this state's First Rural Free Delivery Mail Route (R.F.D.) by the United State Post Office Department took place at Tecumseh, Nebraska in the year 1896

  • Oregon Trail Marker

    Oregon Trail Marker

    The Oregon Trail entered Nebraska near Lanham on the Southern border of the state. View the marker and discover the hardships of the pioneers on the Oregon Trail. Over 300,000

  • Four Corner Survey Marker

    Four Corner Survey Marker

    The Kansas-Nebraska Act of May 30, 1854, created the territories of Nebraska and Kansas, which had to be surveyed before settlement of the prairies could proceed. On May 8, 1855

  • Historical Markers

    McCook Army Air Base - McCook Army Air Base, activated April 1, 1943, was one of 11 Army Air Force training bases in Nebraska during World War II. Some 15,000 servicemen and 500

  • Historical Markers and Sites

    The Texas Trail - Beginning in 1875