Battle of Adobe Walls

category : Historic Markers
Site where two famous Indian battles were fought. Col. Kit Carson (in his last fight) and his U.S. troops in 1864 narrowly escaped defeat by Kiowa and Comanche Indians who had been molesting wagon trains and settlers. Ten years later, in 1874, Indians under Quanah Parker and Lone Wolf attacked buffalo hunters camp at second battle of Adobe Walls near first site. A fierce dawn attack opened the siege, and though Indians were repulsed, the party of 28 men and one woman was surrounded, and it seemed only a matter of time before the superior number of Indians would prevail. On the second day a group of Cheyenne appeared on a high mesa overlooking the camp, setting the stage for William (Billy) Dixon's famous shot. From within the stockade he shot an Indian from his horse at a distance approaching seven-eighths of a mile! The Indians were so shocked at the white man's shooting ability that they mounted only desultory attacks thereafter and soon withdrew. Site is some 18 miles northeast of Stinnett on private ranch lands off highways; not readily accessible. Local directions available. Historical markers at site.

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