Texas Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Amon G. Carter Lake

    Lake Amon G. Carter is actually two lakes in one. The original lake was constructed in 1956 and has different habitat than the 500-acre extension constructed in 1985. Habitat in the old lake is characterized by rocky shoreline, main lake points, cattail beds, and some standing timber in the upper ... Amon G. Carter Lake
  • Aquilla Lake

    Aquilla LakeThis 3,280-acre lake is located on Aquilla and Hackberry Creeks. Recreational activities on the lake include boating, fishing, hunting, and wildlife ... Aquilla Lake
  • Athens Lake

    Impounded in 1962 the 1,520-acre Lake Athens features a marina, RV resort and restaurant, as well as swimming areas and a two-lane boat ramp. Fishing and tent camping facilities are also available. There are restrooms, a picnic area and a courtesy dock. Fishing for bass has been rated as good to ... Athens Lake
  • B.A. Steinhagen Lake

    The lake is located on the Neches River 14 miles west of Jasper on US 190. It has a surface area of 10,687 acres with a maximum depth of 35 feet. Bluegill and redear sunfish are present in high numbers and provide good fishing, especially for youth or inexperienced anglers. Due to the ... B.A. Steinhagen Lake
  • Bardwell Lake

    Bardwell Lake With over 3,500 surface acres, Lake Bardwell is of one of the largest attractions in Ellis county with annual attendance exceeding 500,000. The sparkling body of water offers skiing, fishing, swimming, boating and more to be done at your leisure. Camp, picnic, or host a special gathering on the 1,8 ... Bardwell Lake
  • Belton Lake

    Belton LakeThe 12,300 acre lake is operated by the Corps of Engineers which maintains 11 parks with boat ramps, picnicking, camping, and bank access for fishing. Belton Lake is located adjacent to the Fort Hood Army Base, which has several points of interest for the military buff. Historical sites include the ... Belton Lake
  • Benbrook Lake

    Benbrook Lake Benbrook Lake is located in the scenic open countryside of rolling hills and prairie meadows and offers some of the finest public parks in or near Fort Worth, Texas. Picnicking, camping, fishing, hunting, boating, birdwatching, and hiking and horseback riding trails, are just the beginning of the ... Benbrook Lake
  • Caddo Lake

    Caddo Lake Caddo Lake is a 25,400 acre lake and wetland located on the border between Texas and Louisiana. It is an internationally protected wetland under the RAMSAR treaty and is the largest natural fresh water lake in the South. It has the largest Cypress forest in the world. The current dam was ... Caddo Lake
  • Canyon Lake

    Canyon LakeCanyon Lake is located in the beautiful hill country of Texas, halfway between Austin and San Antonio. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District mission is to supply water to local municipalities, to provide flood damage reduction to the Guadalupe River Basin below the lake, and to ... Canyon Lake
  • Cedar Creek Reservoir

    Cedar Creek Reservoir The fourth largest lake in Texas, Cedar Creek Lake is 32,623 acres, 18 miles long and offers 320 miles of shoreline. The widest point of the lake is 8.5 miles and the deepest is 53 feet. The reservoir was completed in 1965 as a water source to Fort Worth and many other local communities in ... Cedar Creek Reservoir
  • Choke Canyon Reservoir

    Choke Canyon Dam and and reservoir are features of the Nueces Project. The reservoir provides a water supply for Corpus Christi, Texas. Recreation at this reservoir is managed for Reclamation by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. When full, the lake provides approximately 26,000 acres of ... Choke Canyon Reservoir
  • Coleto Creek Reservoir

    Coleto Creek Reservoir has a surface area of3,100 acres and a maximum depth of 46 feet. Largemouth bass are the most popular fish in the reservoir. They are the most abundant with weights of 5lbs not being uncommon. And numbers of bass up to 8lbs are caught each year. There is a good population ... Coleto Creek Reservoir
  • Cooper Lake

    Cooper LakeJim Chapman Lake/Cooper Dam is a 19,305 acre impoundment operated by the Corps of Engineers and is located an hour and a half east of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It is fed by the South Sulphur River, a fork of the Sulphur River, and provides water supply storage for the North Texas Municipal ... Cooper Lake
  • Eagle Mountain Lake

    Located on the West Fork Trinity River, just north of Fort Worth and Lake Worth in Tarrant County. It has a surface area of 8,738 acres with a maximum depth of 47 feet and was impounded in 1932. The upper portion of the lake has reed beds. The lower and mid lake areas have numerous fishing piers ... Eagle Mountain Lake
  • Fairfield Lake

    Fairfield Lake was impounded in 1969, has a surface area of 2,159 acres and a maximum depth of 49 feet. Anglers should not miss the opportunity to fish for red drum in a location that does not require travel to the coast. The freshwater record (36.83 lbs) was caught in Lake Fairfield. Largemouth ... Fairfield Lake
  • Fayette County Lake

    Fayette County Lake is a power plant cooling reservoir. It was impounded in 1978, has 2,400 surface acres and a maximum depth of 70 feet. Standing timber provides cover in the back of some coves. Submerged aquatic vegetation is present in limited quantities. Submerged tank dams, drop offs, ... Fayette County Lake
  • Georgetown Lake

    Georgetown LakeLake Georgetown is a typical highland type reservoir with steeply sloping banks covered with limestone rock in sizes ranging from gravel to boulders. The dam impounds 1,297 surface acres of the San Gabriel River in the Hill Country of central Texas. As one travels up the reservoir, the water ... Georgetown Lake
  • Gibbons Creek Lake

    Gibbons Creek Lake was impounded in 1981,has a surface area of 2,770 acres with a maximum depth of 34 feet. Largemouth bass are the most sought after sport fish in Gibbons Creek Reservoir. This reservoir has a history of producing numerous largemouth bass larger than 10 pounds. The current lake ... Gibbons Creek Lake
  • Granger Lake

    Granger LakeOperated by The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Granger Lake is one of Central Texas's best kept secrets. Known for great white bass and crappie fishing, it also offers excellent hunting opportunities on the 10,000+ acre wildlife management area. Granger Lake offers excellent recreational boating as ... Granger Lake
  • Grapevine Lake

    Grapevine LakeCentrally located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex just minutes from DFW Airport, Grapevine Lake offers a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities. Nationally recognized trails, full service campgrounds, and beautiful day use areas surround the 7,276 acre lake which hosts over 2,00 ... Grapevine Lake
  • Hords Creek Lake

    Hords Creek LakeLocated approximately 8 miles west of Coleman is one of Texas' most pretty little lakes. Hords Creek Lake has a surface area of 510 acres and is surrounded by beautiful oak trees and offers many activities to all those who enjoy the outdoors. There is a park on each side of the lake, each providing ... Hords Creek Lake
  • Houston County Lake

    Houstan County Lake is located on the Little Elkart Creek in Houston County. It has a surface area of 1,330 acres with a maximum depth of 40 feet. It is known as a lake where anglers have the opportunity of catching a trophy bass. It has a history of having a good population of spotted ... Houston County Lake
  • Hubbard Creek Lake

    Hubbard Creek Lake Hubbard Creek Lake-when full, is known for excellent white crappie and white bass fishing in Hubbard and Sandy Creeks in late fall and winter. It has a surface area of 14,922 acres and a maximum depth of 60 feet. Hubbard Creek Lake is also a popular choice for largemouth bass anglers, ... Hubbard Creek Lake
  • Joe Pool Lake

    Joe Pool Lake Joe Pool Lake is a 7,400-acre impoundment located in the southern portion of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Camping, fishing, boating, and hiking are just the beginning of the activities available in the parks and other public lands. There are four developed parks at Joe Pool Lake: Britton ... Joe Pool Lake
  • Lake Bob Sandlin

    Lake Bob Sandlin has 9,004 surface acres of water and shares it's location with Camp, Titus and Franklin counties. It has a maximum depth of 65 feet. With a reputation of good catches of a variety of fish Lake Bob Standin provides visitors with ample areas to choose to fish, hike, camp and ... Lake Bob Sandlin
  • Lake Bridgeport

    Surface area: 11,954 acres with a Maximum depth of 85 feet. It was impounded in 1932 and renovated in 1972 with a new spillway. Most of Lake Bridgeport's 170-mile shoreline is good bass habitat, with 7 miles of rip-rap, 90 miles of boulders, and many coves and points. Near the Lakeview Lodge on ... Lake Bridgeport
  • Lake Corpus Christi

    Impounded in 1958 lake Corpus Christi is a Nueces River watershed lake located in San Patricio, Live Oak, and Jim Wells counties. It has a surface area of 18,256 acres and a maximum depth of 60 feet. Aquatic Vegetation It is noted for it's isolated beds of water stargrass, American pondweed, ... Lake Corpus Christi
  • Lake Fork

    Lake ForkLake Fork is one of the premier trophy bass fishing lakes in Texas. It holds 36 of the top 50 Texas State Record Largemouth Bass, including the State Record for the biggest largemouth bass weighing in at 18.18 lbs. Owned by the Sabine River Authority of Texas, it consists of 27,690 acres situated ... Lake Fork
  • Lake Graham

    This lake virtually does not have or has very little bank fishing area. Shore fishing is limited to the area around the boat ramp on the Eddleman portion of the reservoir and along the US 380 causeways. If you are coming to fish the lake from a distance it might be a good idea to give a call to ... Lake Graham
  • Lake Granbury

    Lake Granbury has a surface area of 8,310 acres and a maximum depth of 75 feet. The clarity of this lake is typically clear to stained. Golden Algae blooms sometimes occur at this lake so if you are traveling a distance to come here you might check with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. ... Lake Granbury
  • Lake Houstan

    Lake Houstan was impounded in 1954 and has approximately 11,854 acres of water with a maximum depth of 45 feet. There are various flooded terrestrial and native emergent plants along with exotic species water hyacinth, alligatorweed, and water lettuce. The predominant fish species are White ... Lake Houstan
  • Lake Meredith

    Contrasting spectacularly with its surroundings, Lake Meredith lies on the dry and windswept High Plains of the Texas Panhandle. The lake itself was created by Sanford Dam on the Canadian River; it now fills many breaks whose walls are crowned with white limestone caprock, scenic buttes, ... Lake Meredith
  • Lake Meredith

    Lake Meredith This area is experiencing a drought which may affect fishing and boat ramp access. Before you go, check the current lake level or contact the controlling authority for current conditions. Lake Meredith is a reservoir formed by Sanford Dam on the Canadian River at Sanford, Texas. It has 16,411 ... Lake Meredith
  • Lake O' The Pines

    Lake O' The PinesLake O' the Pines includes about 18,700 acres of water and 9,000 acres of land located in the piney woods of Northeast Texas, partially in Marion, Harrison, Upshur, Morris and Camp counties. Recreation opportunities are numerous with camping, boating, fishing, hunting, watchable wildlife, and bird ... Lake O' The Pines
  • Lake Tawakoni

    Lake Tawakoni Lake Tawakoni State Park is a 376.3-acre park in Hunt County with 5.2 miles of shoreline along the south central shore of the main body of the reservoir. It was acquired in 1984. The park was authorized through a 50 year lease agreement with the Sabine River Authority, which operates the 36,700 ... Lake Tawakoni
  • Lake Texana

    Lake TexanaLake Texana is formed by Palmetto Bend Dam which is feature of the Palmetto Bend Project. The lake provides over 11,000 acres of water surface and 125 miles of shoreline. Accessible from numerous roads. Several boat ramps and camping facilities. Fishing year-round. Available species include black ... Lake Texana
  • Lake Texoma

    Lake Texoma Lake Texoma is the second most popular Corps lake in the country with more than 6 million visitors annually. It has the twelfth largest capacity in the United States covering 74,686 acres, 580 miles of shoreline, and a maximum depth of 100 feet. Texoma is known as the "Striper Capital of the ... Lake Texoma
  • Lake Travis

    Lake TravisLake Travis is a reservoir on the Colorado River in central Texas. It has a surface area of 18,622 acres and a maximum depth of 190 feet. Because of its volume, the lake serves as the primary flood control reservoir of the Highland Lake chain. The level of the lake can therefore vary ... Lake Travis
  • Lake Whitney

    Lake WhitneyWhitney Lake offers some of the best outdoor recreation in Texas with 23,500 surface acres of water at the conservation pool. Whether you are looking for a day of relaxation, a weekend getaway, or an "out of the mainstream" vacation spot, Whitney Lake is the place! The clear water, scenic bluffs, a ... Lake Whitney
  • Lavon Lake

    Lavon LakeThe Lavon Lake Dam is located on the East Fork of the Trinity River, approximately 3 miles East of Wylie, Texas. Lavon Lake has more than 121 miles of shoreline and more than 21,000 acres of surface water, with fewer underwater hazards and more open, usable water than any other Metroplex lake. ... Lavon Lake
  • Lewisville Lake

    Lewisville LakeJust north of Dallas, popular Lewisville Lake is a 29,592 acre lake with unlimited outdoor recreation opportunities. Over 20 parks surround the lake and offer camping, hiking, picnicking, horseback riding, boating, and ... Lewisville Lake
  • Martin Creek Lake

    Martin Creek Lake was experiencing very low lake levels. One Boat Ramp in the park was closed & they were considering closing the remaining ramp depending on lake conditions. Make sure to contact local authorities if you are considering coming to the lake if you are wanting to boat in any fashion. ... Martin Creek Lake
  • Millers Creek Reservoir

    Miller's Creek Reservoir is located 77 miles southwest of Wichita Falls or about 18 miles south of Seymour, Texas. It has a surface area of 2,212 acres with a maximum depth of 46 feet. Locals are saying that the fishing has been steadily improving over the last 5 years and look to the lake as ... Millers Creek Reservoir
  • Navarro Mills Lake

    Navarro Mills LakeNavarro Mills Lake is the best kept secret of the Fort Worth District. The lake holds the current state record for crappie, and fishermen come from all over to sample some of the best crappie fishing anywhere. Navarro Mills is located sixteen miles west of Corsicana, Texas, and offers 5,060 acres ... Navarro Mills Lake
  • Nocona Lake

    Nocona Lake was impounded in 1961,has a surface area of 1,323 acres with a maximum depth of 80 feet. Nocona is a big largemouth bass lake. It starts in the spring and goes through summer. There are a lot of big crappie in the lake. There is standing timber uplake and in Farmers Creek. Although ... Nocona Lake
  • O.C. Fisher Lake

    O.C. Fisher LakeO.C. Fisher Reservoir was completed by the US Corps of Engineers in 1952 for flood control on the North Concho River. Most of O.C. Fisher is leased to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department as is known as San Angelo State Park. It's located adjacent to the City of San Angelo and is an oasis of ... O.C. Fisher Lake
  • Pat Mayse Lake

    Pat Mayse LakeA North Texas Prize Largemouth Pat Mayse Lake, 12 miles north of Paris, Texas, offers 6,000 acres of surface water for sporting activities. Fishing and hunting are open to the public on this Corps of Engineers Lake and easy access to developed park areas has made the lake a mecca for families who ... Pat Mayse Lake
  • Proctor Lake

    Proctor Lake Located in historic territory of the Comanche Indians, Proctor Lake offers a wide variety of activities both on and off the water. Whether your ideal camping trip includes fishing on 4,537 acres in one of Texas hottest Hybrid Stripper and Crappie lakes or site seeing in the historic areas that ... Proctor Lake
  • Ray Roberts Lake

    Ray Roberts Lake Ray Roberts Lake is just a few minutes from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and is a great place to get away from city life. This 29,350 acre rural lake is located off of I-35 past the City of Denton. Although the Corps of Engineers constructed Ray Roberts, most recreational facilities and the ... Ray Roberts Lake
  • Richland Chambers Reservoir

    Richland Chambers Reservoir has a surface area of 41,356 acres with a maximum depth of 75 feet. It was impounded in 1987. Numerous recreational opportunities exist at Richland Chambers Lake including water skiing, boating, fishing, sailing, and bird watching. ... Richland Chambers Reservoir
  • Sam Rayburn Lake

    Sam Rayburn Lake At 114,000 plus acres, Sam Rayburn is the largest man made lake located totally within the boundaries of the state of Texas. The lake is located deep in the Piney Woods of Southeast Texas, nestled within the Angelina and Sabine National Forest with native flora including orchids, insect-eating ... Sam Rayburn Lake
  • Somerville Lake

    Somerville LakeSomerville Lake boasts one of the highest attendance records in the US Army Corps of Engineers Fort Worth District, which is comprised of 25 Central and North Texas lakes. The lake is located in the south central part of Burleson County and the north central part of Washington County, with the ... Somerville Lake
  • Stillhouse Hollow Lake

    Stillhouse Hollow LakeStillhouse Hollow Lake is an extremely clear and deep reservoir with a maximum depth of 107 feet and a surface area of 6,429 acres. The main lake area is dominated by steep rocky shoreline with limited amounts of standing timber. Stillhouse Hollow Lake offers a wide variety of recreation including: ... Stillhouse Hollow Lake
  • Twin Buttes Reservoir

    Twin Buttes Dam and Reservoir, San Angelo Project, are immediately upstream from the Nasworthy Reservoir, about 6 miles southwest of San Angelo, Texas. Twin Buttes Dam controls the flows of the South and Middle Concho Rivers and Spring Creek. When full, the lake provides approximately 23,000 acres ... Twin Buttes Reservoir
  • Waco Lake

    Waco Lake Lake Waco, located in central Texas and lying entirely within the city limits of Waco, Texas, is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers operated lake in McLennan County about half way between Dallas/Ft Worth and Austin, Texas. Lake Waco is fed by the North Bosque and Bosque Rivers and several smaller ... Waco Lake
  • White River Reservoir

    This area is experiencing a drought which may affect fishing and boat ramp access. Before you go, check the current lake level or contact the controlling authority for current conditions. The White River Reservoir is a tributary of the Salt Fork of the Brazos River.It has a surface area of 1,418 ... White River Reservoir
  • Wright Patman Lake

    Wright Patman Lake Wright Patman Lake is located in the beautiful piney woods of northeast Texas and was formerly known as Lake Texarkana until 1973 when President Nixon officially designated the project, "Wright Patman Dam and Lake," in honor of Congressman Patman of the First Congressional District of Texas. The ... Wright Patman Lake