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Cheney Fishing Fishing is excellent for channel catfish and white bass, good for crappie, striped bass and wipers, and fair for walleye. Hotspots include walleye along the dam in late March and early April, crappie in brush and cattails in April and May, white bass spawning run upriver in May, and channel catfish at the feeders in June and July.

Two fishing complexes have been developed to enhance fishing success and convenience. One is at the Red Bluffs and the other at the Toadstool Loop Jetty. These consist of a fishing pier, brushpile fish attractors for crappie, and a fish feeder attractor for channel catfish.

Three deepwater fish attractors have been constructed to attract sport fish, especially crappie. These sunken trees are marked by buoys, and are especially productive at times of the year when crappie are not typically in shallow water, such as mid-summer and winter.

Fisherman should remember that the waters around the refuge area marked by the buoy line are closed to fishing and boating between September 15 and March 1.

Admission: Park Permit Required
Address: 6 Miles N of Cheney, Hwy 251 off Hwy 54
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