Kansas Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Antelope Lake

    Antelope Lake Antelope Lake, on the State Historical List, was built by the WPA in the 1930's, and features several native stone structures. The 80 acre lake is great for recreation and fishing with boat ramps, camping and picnic areas. The lake is well known for good fishing. LINK TO STATE INFO: ... Antelope Lake
  • Anthony City Lake

    FISH BITE: Crappie are teasing us. If the rain does not come in then maybe this weekend will be the time the Crappie bite starts. Jigs and minnows will be the basic bait. If the rain does come in and there is an inflow of water -- channel cat fishing should be good. Find the inflows as they ... Anthony City Lake
  • Banner Creek Reservoir

    Banner Creek Reservoir This 535-Acre reservoir serves as a flood control structure and water supply for the City of Holton and rural water district No. 3. As you enjoy it's recreational facilities, please help to protect, preserve and enhance the water quality. At Banner Creek Resevoir there is a wide variety of ... Banner Creek Reservoir
  • Big Hill Lake

    Big Hill Lake Big Hill Lake has a surface area of 1,240 acres. Due to stocking, fish shelters and leaving large areas of timber and other vegetation standing, Big Hill has developed into one of the most productive and popular fishing spots in the area. Principal species of sport fish include ... Big Hill Lake
  • Bone Creek Reservoir

    Bone Creek Reservoir Fishing info and bait ---- Bone Creek Reservoir is a young body of water established in 1996 when the Bone Creek Valley was flooded to provide water for the residents of Crawford and Cherokee Counties. The reservoir is ideal ... Bone Creek Reservoir
  • Cedar Bluff Lake

    Cedar Bluff LakeCedar Bluff is located on the Smoky Hill River in west central Kansas. Reservoir open 24 hours. Good access roads. Available species include walleye, crappie, white bass, channel catfish, and wipers. The reservoir has approximately 3280 water surface acres, 8256 land acres and 50 miles of ... Cedar Bluff Lake
  • Centralia City Lake

    Centralia City Lake Centralia Lake is a 400 acre lake that is noted for good channel cat, saugeye and crappie fishing. The lake facilities include multiple ramps, picnic tables, plenty of camping pads and many sites with electricity. Centralia is enrolled in the CFAP program, which means a City permit is ((not ... Centralia City Lake
  • Cheney Lake

    Cheney Lake. the lake offers spectacular sailing opportunities and hosts national sailing regattas It’s a breathtaking sight to see more than 100 multicolored sailboats on the lake at one time. The lake is also known for wind-surfing opportunities. The reservoir complex consists of 9,537 acres of ... Cheney Lake
  • Clark County State Lake

    Clark State Fishing Lake is a 300 acre impoundment in Clark County of southwest Kansas. At full pool, the lake has a maximum depth of 42 feet with an average depth of 17 feet. It is located in an extremely scenic setting of canyon country and is surrounded by 900 acres of public hunting. Camping, ... Clark County State Lake
  • Clinton Lake

    Clinton is popular with anglers. A mixture of trees and brush, mudflats, sharp drop-offs, deep river channels, rocks, and protected coves provide an abundance of fish habitat. To increase fishing potential, Clinton was filled slowly over a period of three years. Two-thirds of the native ... Clinton Lake
  • Coffey County Lake

    5,090 acres, 2 miles north and 1 mile east of Burlington. Formerly Wolf Creek Lake, has proven to be one of the premier fishing lakes in the country. Dedicated exclusively to fishing, Coffey County Lake has been featured on national television programs such as Jimmy Houston's Outdoors and Bill ... Coffey County Lake
  • Coldwater Lake

    Lake Coldwater is the only city, county, or state lake in southwest Kansas that permits water-related sports. It is a 250 acre man-made lake in a 900+ acre park within the Coldwater City limits. Utilized by people from a large area of Kansas and Oklahoma, the lake provides ample facilities ... Coldwater Lake
  • Council Grove Lake

    Council Grove LakeCouncil Grove Lake is located in the famous Flint Hills region of Kansas. The lake is one mile northwest of the historic town of Council Grove and within walking distance of the Santa Fe Trail. Located on the Neosho River, the lake is in a very aesthetic setting with the rolling bluestem hills ... Council Grove Lake
  • Crawford County Lake

    Crawford County Lake Fishing info and bait --- -------------Always call and confirm ------------------- For the latest information on KDWP facilities and services, visit BUSY!! ---- 7-20-2020: ... Crawford County Lake
  • El Dorado Lake

    El Dorado Lake TOWNS NEAR LAKE LOCATED TOWARDS BOTTOM OF PAGE: El Dorado Reservoir is located in an area of rolling terrain made up of croplands, prairies, woodlands, and marshes. The lake provides many attractive areas for water oriented activities such as camping, picnicking, swimming, fishing, and ... El Dorado Lake
  • Elk City Lake

    Elk City Lake Elk City Reservoir offers a wide variety of outdoor recreation and forms a lake featuring a shore line nearly 50 miles long, containing over 4,500 acres of water and 12,000 acres of wildlife, in addition to the State Park. The prominent feature of the landscape is the precipitous limestone bluff ... Elk City Lake
  • Fall River Lake

    Fall River Lake Fall River Dam is located on Fall River, a tributary of the Verdigris River, in Greenwood County, Kansas. The vicinity in which Fall River is located has long been noted for its rolling prairies and tree-dotted valleys, sheltered by limestone-capped ridges. The lake is about a mile wide at the ... Fall River Lake
  • Herington City Lake(s)

    Herington has two city lakes just one mile apart, great for picnicking, boating, skiing, swimming. Along with trophy bass, the city lake is also the best small-lake walley fishing in the State of Kansas. There are full camping facilities with electric hook-ups, boat ramps, and swimming. The " ... Herington City Lake(s)
  • Hillsdale Lake

    Hillsdale provides hunters, fisherman, picnickers, naturalists, photographers, birdwatchers, and sightseers with a unique opportunity to discover nature. Hunters will find a variety of game on Hillsdale's 8,000 acres of land. For the Fisherman, more than 70 percent of the timber was left for fish ... Hillsdale Lake
  • Horse Thief Reservoir

    Horse Thief Reservoir is a community lake west of Jetmore, Kansas with a surface area of approximately 450 acres and a huge dam spanning nearly a mile and a half. Camping, Boating, Skiing, Swimming, Picnicking, Fishing and Hunting are just some of the great opportunities that will be enjoyed at ... Horse Thief Reservoir
  • Jetmore City Lake

    Jetmore City Lake, three miles west and one and one-half south of Jetmore, is located on Spring Creek. Rolling grassland surrounds the area with the bluffs in the background. Permits are available at the City Office (south side of the square, downtown) or at the lake entrance. Yearly permits ... Jetmore City Lake
  • John Redmond Lake

    John Redmond Lake John Redmond Reservoir lies in a broad flat valley with margins of the gently rolling Flint Hills -- a bluestem grass region of natural scenic beauty. The 59-mile shoreline around the 9,400-acre reservoir provides excellent camping areas and retreats for vacationists who like to get away from the ... John Redmond Lake
  • Kanopolis Lake

    Kanopolis Lake Kanopolis Lake, with a normal pool surface of about 3,000 acres, attracts thousands of campers, hunters, fishermen, and water sports enthusiasts each year. Four developed parks meet the needs of the visiting public by providing lake access, parking areas, drinking water, swimming beaches, boat ... Kanopolis Lake
  • Kirwin Reservoir

    Kirwin Reservoir Kirwin Reservoir and National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), the first national wildlife refuge in Kansas, was established in 1954 as an overlay project on a Bureau of Reclamation irrigation and flood control reservoir. The bureau owns the land and controls reservoir water levels, while the refuge ... Kirwin Reservoir
  • La Cygne Lake

    2,600 acres Maximum Depth: 40 feet Normal Lake Level: 841 msl La Cygne lake has 2,600 surface acres of water. It is a power plant lake and freezing completely over is rare. Typically there is open water throughout the year. There are three boat ramps in the main lake and one ... La Cygne Lake
  • Lake Scott State Park

    Lake Scott State ParkLake Scott Park is a picturesque oasis in the high Plains, named one of the 50 must see state parks by National Geographic Magazine. Hidden within a western Kansas prairie, the park is a startling oasis of natural springs, deep wooded canyons and craggy bluffs. A 100 acre lake, created by a dam ... Lake Scott State Park
  • Leavenworth County Lake

    Kansas Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism -------------------------- Area Description: The lake is 160 acres in size and has a diverse, high quality fishery. The lake was renovated in the mid 1990?s, which included ... Leavenworth County Lake
  • Lovewell Lake

    Lovewell Lake Lovewell Lake, just four miles east and 10 miles north of Mankato in Kansas and only eight miles south of Superior in Nebraska provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities, with a surface area of 2,980 acres and 43 miles of shoreline. Nestled in a deep valley, the lake is protected ... Lovewell Lake
  • Lyon State Fishing Lake

    ----- KID FRIENDLY ----- this lake has a lot of easy shore fishing area. It has lots of rocky, weeded, and brush areas where small panfish can be caught. GEAR -------------- FOR KIDS Economical yet a reel that can be used for a long time is the Zebco 33. It might not be looked on ... Lyon State Fishing Lake
  • Marion Lake

    Marion Lake According to power index, Marion Reservoir ranks No. 1 in the state of Kansas for walleye fishing, according to KSPWC. In addition, hunting, hiking, camping, wind surfing, boating, swimming, surf bathing, bird watching and picnicking are available at one large Corps of Engineers lake in the ... Marion Lake
  • Meade State Lake

    Meade State Lake The first state lake in Kansas, Meade Lake is an oasis in the agricultural lands of Southwest Kansas. The state park and wildlife area are comprised of 803 acres of land and water and provide visitors with opportunities for hunting, fishing, bird watching, camping, swimming, and hiking. Boating ... Meade State Lake
  • Melvern Lake

    Melvern Lake Melvern Lake's 6,930 surface acres of water and 17,244 acres of adjacent land serve as the nucleus of recreational and natural resource activities for more than 500,000 visitors annually. Visitors looking for outdoor reacreation are fortunate at Melvern Lake. The lake boasts six parks (five ... Melvern Lake
  • Milford Lake

    Milford Lake On the largest man-made lake in Kansas there's definitely an outdoor experience waiting for everyone! With over 15,000 surface acres, Milford Lake, known as "The Lake of Blue Water," provides abundant room for sailing, boating, water skiing, pontoon excursions and still has room for some serious ... Milford Lake
  • Mined Land Wildlife Area - Strip Pits

    The Mined Land Wildlife Area is one of South East Kansas's gems. It was acquired primarily by donation. The first donation was received in 1926. The largest acquisition, totaling 8,208 acres was donated by the Pittsburg and Midway Coal Company to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks in 19 ... Mined Land Wildlife Area - Strip Pits
  • Ottowa State Fishing Lake

    GPS Location: N39 6 20.76 W97 34 30.05 This is a State Fishing Lake that has approximately 111 surface acres of water and a maximum depth of around 11 feet. The level of the lake traditionally stays pretty normal due to two creeks feeding it from the upper end of the lake. Do be cautious ... Ottowa State Fishing Lake
  • Parson's Lake

    Beautiful 980-acre Lake Parsons is a peaceful retreat for campers, a fun-filled beach for swimmers and a sportsman’s paradise for hunting and fishing. Fisherman can take advantage of this rural lake and catch buffalo, channel catfish, crappie, flatheads, sunfish, largemouth and white bass ... Parson's Lake
  • Perry Lake

    Perry Lake Just another day in paradise... A phrase coined by folks just like you who enjoy their favorite activities in the beautiful surroundings of Perry Reservoir. There are so many things to see and do at Perry Reservoir. Come for a day, a weekend, or spend your vacation at the Lake. You'll find it ... Perry Lake
  • Pomona Lake

    Pomona Lake Pomona Lake provides opportunities for a large variety of recreational activities on nearly 10,500 acres of public land surrounding the lake. The Corps of Engineers and the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks operate and maintain campgrounds, boat ramps, picnicking facilities, swimming beaches, ... Pomona Lake
  • Pony Creek Lake

    Pony Creek Lake Pony Creek Lake is a community lake and has a surface area of 171 acres and a typical mean depth of 13.8 feet. During dry years depth might be less. It offers fishing, hiking, and hunting. Camping, is allowed in designated areas of the Park. Permit required. ... Pony Creek Lake
  • Sebelius Lake

    Sebelius Lake A fisherman's paradise can be found at Sebelius Reservoir, a man-made lake with about 2,500 surface acres of water and located approximately for miles west of Norton. The lake offers excellent boating and is renowned for its large numbers of trophy wipers, a white bass/striped bass hybrid known ... Sebelius Lake
  • Sheridan State Fishing Lake

    Sheridan is a state fishing lake that covers 67 acres. It has a maximum depth of 22 feet. It is surrounded by 188 acres of timber and native grass wildlife area. Nestled in the rolling prairie and cropland covered hills of western Kansas, Sheridan State Fishing Lake provides a serene getaway for ... Sheridan State Fishing Lake
  • Toronto Lake

    Toronto Lake Thanks to the Corps of Engineers --- Toronto Lake is located in the scenic valley of the Verdigris River, just south of the town of Toronto. It lies at the northern end of the Cross Timbers area, which extends through eastern Oklahoma into northern Texas. In Kansas, this region is known as ... Toronto Lake
  • Tuttle Creek Lake

    Tuttle Creek LakePractically neighbors to Kansas's largest man-made lake lies Tuttle Creek Lake, the second largest lake in Kansas. Only 38 miles separates Milford Lake and Tuttle Creek, two powerhouse meccas for outdoor recreation. The size of Tuttle Creek Lake combined with the prevailing winds make the lake one ... Tuttle Creek Lake
  • Waconda Lake

    Waconda Lake FISHING AND HUNTING INFORMATION! Fishing and Hunting info and supplies ----- Austin Hamilton, Owner 785-545-3333 E-mail Us​ INFO ---Give them a call --- **BOAT SALES/REPAIR Waconda Boats and Motors - LASR has never ... Waconda Lake
  • Webster Lake

    Webster Lake With approximately 3,800 acres of surface water, Webster Lake is the focal point of Webster State Park. Campgrounds, playgrounds, Horseshoe Pits, swimming beach, Group Camp Areas - Group Shelters - Hiking Trail, boat ramps, vault toilets and shower buildings are provided. Webster Wildlife Area ... Webster Lake
  • Wilson Lake

    Wilson LakeWilson Lake is an important recreational resource for many of the surrounding towns. It is a 9,100-acre lake and has over 100 miles of beautiful shoreline. Considered to be a premier striped bass and smallmouth bass lake, fishing is the top pleasure at Wilson Lake, but there are more things to do. ... Wilson Lake
  • Yates Center Reservoir

    Yates Center Reservoir has approximately 220 acres of surface water, with 500 acres of land surrounding the lake. The entire area offers many recreational opportunities. Fishing , Water Skiing, Boating, Wind Surfing, Hiking, Hunting, Camping, Wildlife and Wildflower Viewing just to mention a few ... Yates Center Reservoir