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Chisholm Trail Heritage Center Museum The Museum's new displays will put you on the Chisholm Trail. From the economic forces stimulating the cattle industry after the Civil War, to the entrepreneurs and cattle barons who made it happen, and on to the cowboys, the native Americans, the cavalry, the cattle, and the terrain, the On The Chisholm Trail Statue and Museum tell the complete story of the famous Trail.

The "On The Chisholm Trail" Statue and Museum tell the story of the greatest controlled animal migration known to man. Millions of longhorn cattle traversed the trail from as far south as Brownsville, Texas, north through Indian Territory (roughly paralleling what is today U.S. Highway 81) and on into Kansas where they were shipped via rail to Northern and Eastern markets.

The trail is named after a trader of Cherokee and Scottish descent, Jesse Chisholm, who originally blazed the trail and often exchanged goods with the Indians. The Museum features an animated, three-dimensional likeness of Jesse Chisholm, speaking to you about some of his adventures in both the the English and Chickasaw languages.

The fascinating story of why and how the 1,200 mile trail emerged, how the massive numbers of cattle were trailed by small cares of cowboys north across the Red River, the reactions of the Indians to the cattle and the cowboys, and life on the long trail, are presented on screen in a special theatre setting.

Cattlemen are a unique breed. Some of them made fortunes by moving and selling the "ornery beast" (longhorn cattle). The profits from these drives provided the base for the development of some of today's largest Texas cattle ranches. Others made their money by providing corrals at the end of the trail where the cattle were held until they could be transported by rail to Eastern markets such as New York. Some men like Joseph G. McCoy and "Shanghai" Pierce are legends in the cattle industry and their stories are related to the visitor through displays.

The cowboy was proud of his skills. A tough and ready pioneer, he was the backbone of the old Chisholm Trail drives. His language, music, costumes, and habits are chronicled with accuracy throughout the museum and are exemplified in bronze by artist Paul Moor's acclaimed work, "On The Chisholm Trial."

The Museum is always being upgraded. When once you visit The Statue and Museum, you will want to share them with others again and again.

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