Oklahoma Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Fishing Report --- If not current --- (405) 216-7470 lake ofc. ((((IN General)))) Arcadia Lake, located on the Deep Fork River, offers water-oriented recreation opportunities in an urban setting with 1,820 surface acres and 26 ...
  • Arcadia Lake

    Arcadia Lake (((In General)))) Beautiful Arcadia Lake, located on the Deep Fork River, features water-oriented recreation opportunities in an urban setting.Facilities include picnicking, camping, swimming, water skiing, boating, disc golf, and hiking / biking / equestrian trails. A fishing pier and a ... Arcadia Lake
  • Atoka Lake

    ((In General)) Atoka Reservoir is located in Atoka County, Oklahoma. It has over 5,000 surface acres of water and 70 miles of shoreline. It is 15 miles long and in typical years has an average depth of 26 feet. Skiing, camping, picnicking, swimming and hunting are permitted in their ... Atoka Lake
  • Birch Lake

    Birch Lake The dam site is at mile 0.8 of Birch Creek approximately one and one half miles south of the of the town of The region in which Birch Lake is located offers outdoor sportsmen excellent opportunities for year-round enjoyment. Birch Lake is a perfect setting for nature lovers and other outdoor ... Birch Lake
  • Broken Bow Lake

    Broken Bow Lake Two hundred feet above Beaver's Bend is crystal-clear Broken Bow Lake, a favorite of scuba divers and bass fishermen. Broken Bow Lake is one of the most picturesque settings in Oklahoma. There is 180 miles of pine-studded shoreline, and 14,220 acres of lake. Surrounding the island-dotted lake ... Broken Bow Lake
  • Canton Lake

    Canton Lake Located in the heart of Northwest Oklahoma, Canton Lake is easily accessible for a fun-filled, action-packed summer vacation or just a weekend outing. This beautiful man-made lake offers various outdoor recreational activities for the entire family. Every year Canton Lake is visited by a large ... Canton Lake
  • Copan Lake

    Copan Lake Copan Lake offers the visitors extensive opportunities for a memorable outdoor recreation experience with 5,000 acres of water and 11,000 acres for hunting. Overnight accommodations, services and supplies are available at convenient locations on access roads leading to the Corps of Engineers ... Copan Lake
  • Dripping Springs Lake

    Dripping Springs Lake Dripping Springs Lake is located above Okmulgee Lake on a large watershed and is a definite contrast to Okmulgee Lake with a flat shoreline of 18 miles, and much shallower water pool covering 1,100 acres. No water skiing is allowed. Constructed by the Soil Conservation Service around 1980, ... Dripping Springs Lake
  • Eufaula Lake

    Eufaula LakeOklahoma's largest man-made lake, Lake Eufaula, was completed in 1964 for water control for flooding and water level for the Arkansas River Waterway. The lake covers much of McIntosh and Pittsburg County and is a fabulous tourist and resort attraction with two beautiful theme type lodges. ... Eufaula Lake
  • Fort Cobb Lake

    Fort Cobb Lake Fort Cobb Dam was completed by the Bureau of Reclamation in 1959. The lake formed by this dam has 4,100 surface acres and 45 miles of shoreline. The maximum depth of Fort Cobb Lake is approximately 63 feet. An excellent lake for skiing and fishing, largemouth bass and channel catfish are among the ... Fort Cobb Lake
  • Fort Gibson Lake

    Fort Gibson LakeWhether you're looking to relax in a secluded resort, hide away in a cozy cabin or pitch a tent, remember the Oklahoma sun, skies and hospitality of the Fort Gibson Lake area. You'll find 26 parks and recreational areas on the water. Eight marinas with concessions, lake cabins, on-the-water dining ... Fort Gibson Lake
  • Fort Supply Lake

    Fort Supply Lake Fort Supply Lake is located in northwest Oklahoma in Woodward County on Wolf Creek, approximately 1 mile south of Fort Supply, and 12 miles northwest of Woodward. This man-made lake with 5,730 surface acres and 26 miles of shoreline offers extensive opportunities for the outdoor recreation ... Fort Supply Lake
  • Foss Lake

    Foss Lake Foss Reservoir is western Oklahoma's largest lake operated by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. The dam is 30 ft wide at the crest, 142 ft high and 18,130 ft long. The 8,800 acre lake with 63 miles of shoreline has a reputation for excellent sand bass, striped bass, catfish, crappie and walleye ... Foss Lake
  • Grand Lake

    Grand Lake Grand Lake O' The Cherokees is one of the premiere lakes in the Midwest and the crown jewel of a chain of lakes in the northeastern Oklahoma region. It was created in 1940 with GRDA's completion of Pensacola Dam. Its 46,500 surface acres of water are ideal for boating, skiing, fishing, swimming ... Grand Lake
  • Great Salt Plains Lake

    Great Salt Plains LakeGreat Salt Plains Lake is located on the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River and is well known as a premier lake in northwest Oklahoma for excellent channel cat fishing. The lake consists of 8,700 surface acres and sits in a basin bordered by salt plains on the west with red shale bluffs and sandy ... Great Salt Plains Lake
  • Hefner Lake

    Hefner Lake is located in has 18 miles of shoreline and normally has 2,499 surface acres of water. It is located N.W. of Oklahoma City. A favorite spot for sailing and a good area to bicycle with ten miles of paved bicycle trail. Typically there is wind which also makes it a popular lake to ... Hefner Lake
  • Hugo Lake

    Hugo LakeHugo Lake dam is located on the Kiamichi River 18 river miles upstream from its confluence with the Red River. Skiers and speedboat enthusiasts can enjoy some 8,000 acres of open water in the lake. Boating lanes have been provided in the uncleared upper half of the lake for easy access by ... Hugo Lake
  • Hulah Lake

    Hulah LakeHulah Lake lies in the upper reaches of the high rounded Osage Hills, and was named after the nearby community of Hulah, which was established in 1918. The name is derived from the Osage Indian word Hulah meaning "eagle". Hulah Lake is located in a farming and ranching community where grazing ... Hulah Lake
  • Kaw Lake

    Kaw Lake Kaw Lake's beauty is like a beacon urging you to come romp and play in nature's playground. Here you won't find wall-to-wall houses, you'll find well-designed public campgrounds tucked into the many coves and inlets. You won't find traffic jams or hear screeching tires, but you will find roads ... Kaw Lake
  • Keystone Lake

    Keystone LakeKeystone Lake's blue-green water and the natural beauty of its setting -- wooded shoreline, sandy beaches, high bluffs, grasslands, and low rolling hills -- make it a visual treat the year round. The lake meanders into small valleys, creating many arms and land fingers. A network of county, state, ... Keystone Lake
  • Lake Altus-Lugert

    Lake Altus-Lugert Altus Reservoir, with 6,260 acre surface acres and 49 miles of shoreline, impounds the North Fork of the Red River which is the boundary between Greer and Kiowa Counties. This boundary was contended to be the border between Oklahoma and Texas and in 1896 the U.S. Supreme Court decreed that Greer ... Lake Altus-Lugert
  • Lake Carl G. Etling

    Lake Carl G. Etling Lake Carl Etling, the 200 acre lake located within Black Mesa State Park, was formed by a dam on Carrizzo Creek. Completed in 1959, Lake Etling has shoreline of 5 miles and an average depth of 11 feet with a maximum depth of 38 feet. Recreational camping is available in the State Park designated ... Lake Carl G. Etling
  • Lake Ellsworth

    Lake Ellsworth is a 5,000 acre water supply and recreation lake owned by the City of Lawton. It has over 40 miles of shoreline. There are six public campgrounds with a total of 41 campsites. Some have shelters, electricity and water. There is plenty of primitive camping area so bring your tent ... Lake Ellsworth
  • Lake Eucha

    Lake Eucha is located in Delaware County and has 2,812 surface acres of water. There is 49 miles of shoreline. Swimming in the lake is not allowed nor skiing or diving. Lake Eucha is a fishing lake only. There is a swimming pool at Lake Eucha State Park. There are boat ramps, docks, a ... Lake Eucha
  • Lake Fuqua

    Fuqua Lake has 18 miles of shoreline and 1,500 surface acres of water. Fuqua Lake in southern Oklahoma is located northeast of Duncan and south of Cox City. The lake is in a group of lakes called the Duncan Lakes Area which include Lake Fuqua, Lake Clear Creek, Lake Humphreys and Lake ... Lake Fuqua
  • Lake Hudson

    Lake HudsonLake Hudson is one of only two lakes in Oklahoma where a resident can own lakefront property on the water's edge, is second in a chain of three lakes along the Grand River, has 200 miles of panoramic shoreline and has about 12,000 acres of water for the pleasure of recreational enthusiasts. Many ... Lake Hudson
  • Lake Lawtonka

    Lake Lawtonka has 2,398 surface acres of water and 21 miles of shoreline. It is located in southwest Oklahoma just northwest of Lawton. The Wichita Mts. National Wildlife Refuge is just to the west and offer some beautiful views from the lake. Lake Lawtonka is known for it's excellent ... Lake Lawtonka
  • Lake Lawtonka

    Lake Lawtonka in southwest Oklahoma is located just northwest of Lawton. Lake Lawtonka has 21 miles of shoreline and 2,398 surface acres. With the Wichita Mountains to the west, Lake Lawtonka offers some beautiful views of the mountains. Lake Lawtonka is an excellent smallmouth bass fishing ... Lake Lawtonka
  • Lake Lawtonka

    Lake Lawtonka has 2,398 surface acres of water and 21 miles of shoreline. It is located in southwest Oklahoma just northwest of Lawton. The Wichita Mts. National Wildlife Refuge is just to the west and offer some beautiful views from the lake. Lake Lawtonka is known for it's excellent ... Lake Lawtonka
  • Lake Murray

    Lake Murray Water sports abound at Lake Murray. Ranked among the Top 100 swimming holes in the U.S., Lake Murray has 6,500 acres of crystal clear water with 150 miles of state-owned shoreline. Both Lake Murray and Lake Murray ... Lake Murray
  • Lake of the Arbuckles

    Lake of the ArbucklesLake of the Arbuckles is formed by Arbuckle Dam which is a feature of the Arbuckle Project. The lake is located at the confluence of the Buckhorn, Guy Sandy, and Rock Creeks. The area presents unusual opportunities, combining recreational use with scenic, scientific, and historic values. The ... Lake of the Arbuckles
  • Lake Tenkiller

    The Lake Tenkiller Ferry Dam is named for the Cherokee family from whom the land and ferry were obtained to build the dam. The Tenkillers were prominent Cherokees. It is said the Cherokee warrior was given his name by the white soldiers and pioneers at Ft. Gibson because of the ten notches on this ... Lake Tenkiller
  • Lake Thunderbird

    Lake ThunderbirdBlue water, oak trees and rolling hills charm millions of Norman visitors each year. Lake Thunderbird's 7,000 acres allow plenty of room for various water activities. Sandy beaches and more than 5,500 acres of Lake Thunderbird State Park horseback riding, dining, sailing, camping, windsurfing, ... Lake Thunderbird
  • Lake Wister

    Lake WisterLake Wister is located in the San Bois Mountains on the Poteau River -- the only river that flows north in Oklahoma. Wister Lake was authorized for flood control and conservation by the Flood Control Act of 1938. The project was designed and built by the Tulsa District Corps of Engineers. ... Lake Wister
  • McGee Creek Lake

    McGee Creek Lake McGee Creek Reservoir is located about 15 miles southeast of the city of Atoka in one of the state's most scenic areas. It impounds the waters of McGee Creek in eastern Atoka County. Virtually all the land surrounding the lake is covered with dense forest. The area provides numerous ... McGee Creek Lake
  • Okmulgee Lake

    Okmulgee LakeOkmulgee Lake was built in 1926 as a water project for the City of Okmulgee, and covers 668 acres with 19 miles of shoreline. The lake is picturesque, functional, and offers many types of outdoor recreation. Several recreation areas along the east side of the shore offer camping, nature trails, ... Okmulgee Lake
  • Oologah Lake

    Oologah LakeOologah Lake provides a great getaway for fishing, boating, picnicking, camping or just driftin' and dreaming over the sky blue waters. Oologah Lake is one of the best sailing lakes in the southwest, with 29,500 acres of water lying north and south. The lake is popular for all types of boating and ... Oologah Lake
  • Optima Lake

    Optima LakeOptima Lake is located in the panhandle of Oklahoma in Texas County on the Beaver River, approximately 4 1/2 miles northeast of Hardesty, and 20 miles east of Guymon. The Angler Point Public Use Area located below the dam has 21 campsites with electricity, however, it has been closed due to lack of ... Optima Lake
  • Pine Creek Lake

    Pine Creek LakePine Creek is a 5,000 acre lake which offers a relaxed atmosphere and excellent boating and fishing activities. Opportunities for sightseers and nature lovers are many at Pine Creek. The forest resources of the project are managed to improve the scenic quality of the park areas and adjoining land ... Pine Creek Lake
  • Robert S. Kerr Lake

    Robert S. Kerr Lake The lake area is beautiful any time of the year. It is especially scenic when flowering shrubs and leaf buds decorate the landscape with a soft glow in spring, or when the brilliant colors of fall start to unfold. For young and old alike Kerr Lake has a variety of recreation for everyone, from ... Robert S. Kerr Lake
  • Sardis Lake

    Sardis Lake Sardis Lake covers 14,360 acres, with 117 miles of shoreline, and offers many opportunities for every diversification of outdoor recreation. There are three campgrounds located around the lake offering various facilities including general hookups, restrooms, showering facilities, swim beach and ... Sardis Lake
  • Skiatook Lake

    Skiatook LakeSkiatook Lake has a surface area of about 10,500 acres and 160 miles of shoreline, and has become well-known as one of the most beautiful lakes in the area. Gentle rolling hills of Blackjack and Post Oak interspersed with Tall Grass Prairie surround beautiful Skiatook Lake. The meandering shoreline ... Skiatook Lake
  • Sooner Lake

    Sooner Lake is one of Oklahoma's premier bass lakes. In fact, the first Oklahoma stocking of Florida's occurred in 1977 at Sooner Lake. This power plant lake offers great fishing, and is known for excellent hybrid striped bass fishing. Its primary use is a cooling reservoir for the coal fired ... Sooner Lake
  • Spavinaw Lake

    Spavinaw Lake Spavinaw Lake has 1,637 surface acres and 20 miles of shoreline with black bass, crappie, bluegill, and catfish. There are boat ramps, marina, picnic area, swimming beach, outdoor grills, restrooms, and pavillions. ... Spavinaw Lake
  • Tom Steed Lake

    Tom Steed Lake Tom Steed Reservoir, with 6,400 surface acres and 31 miles of shoreline, lies on West Otter Creek northeast of Altus in Kiowa County. Vegetation in this plains region consists of agricultural crops and native shortgrass, with scattered growths of hardy mesquite trees providing a sharp contrast ... Tom Steed Lake
  • Waurika Lake

    Waurika LakeThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wishes you an enjoyable stay at the Waurika Lake project. At normal pool the lake is approximately two miles wide and eleven miles long with 80 miles of shoreline and a surface area of 10,000 acres. The lake offers the visitor extensive opportunities for a ... Waurika Lake