Oklahoma One Of A Kinds

  • Main Street Oil Well

    "Ripley's believe It Or Not" calls it the world's only oil well in the middle of Main Street.

  • McDonald's Glass House Restaurant

    The Glass House Restaurant on the Will Rogers Turnpike (currently McDonalds) in Vinita, was the first restaurant facility constructed over a public highway in the United States.

  • Warren Petroleum Plant

    Warren Petroleum Plant

    Largest of its kind in the world.

  • World's Largest Peanut

    World's Largest Peanut

    A man-made tribute to the region'

  • The Meers Store

    The Meers Store

    The Meers Store, serving up plate-sized longhorn beef burgers, is all that remains of a boom town born in the Wichita Mountains turn-of-the-century gold rush. Listed on the

  • Parker Ferris Wheel

    Parker Ferris Wheel

    Every August for over 90 years, Mountain View, Oklahoma holds its annual free fair. Dominating the skyline is a 1920's Parker ferris wheel, only 1 of 4