East Texas Discovery Well

category : Oil History
In 1927, Columbus M. "Dad" Joiner believed there was oil in Rusk County. Joiner and an Oklahoma attorney and oil promoter had won and lost two fortunes in oil, and despite nearing age 70, he was beginning another search "without even the proverbial shoestring." With inferior equipment, he drilled his first well on Daisy Bradford's land, about six miles from Henderson to a depth of 1,098 feet before junking the site. His second attempt was also unsuccessful. In January 1930, the third well was started by Joiner about 300 feet from his first attempt. On Sept. 3, 1930, the drill bit struck the Woodbine Sand and the core came up dripping with oil. On Oct. 3, 1930, the Daisy Bradford No. 3 blew in as a 300 barrel-a-day well at a depth of 3,59

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