Edwin P. Hubble, American Astronomer

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Edwin P. Hubble, American Astronomer Marshfield is the hometown of the famous astronomer, Edwin Powell Hubble. He was born on November 29, 1889 to an insurance executive in Marshfield and passed away in California on September 28, 1953.

Edwin Powell Hubble is renowned for determining that there are other galaxies in the Universe beyond the Milky Way, and for observing that the universe is expanding at a constant rate. He also discovered the degree of redshift observed in light coming from a galaxy increased in proportion to the distance of the Milky Way. This became known as "Hubble's Law and would help establish the universe in expanding. Today a 1/4 scale replica of the Hubble Telescope sits on the west side of the courthouse. There is also a portion of Interstate 44 through Marshfield that is named the Edwin Hubble Highway.

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