Missouri Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Lake Of The Ozarks

    Lake Of The Ozarks Nestled amid the rolling hills of central Missouri, the Lake of the Ozarks has long been known as mid-America's playground. Because of its size, the Lake offers something for everyone. The Lake covers 57,000 acres, impounds 617 billion gallons of water and has 1375 miles of cove indented ... Lake Of The Ozarks
  • Lake Pomme de Terre

    Lake Pomme de Terre Pomme de Terre Lake is nestled in a beautiful, peaceful, rural area embraced by rolling hills and timber. Known as "Naturally Peaceful", the lake lazily winds its way through the Pomme de Terre and Lindley Creek valleys on its way north to the headwaters of Truman Lake. Pomme de Terre Lake was ... Lake Pomme de Terre
  • Long Branch Lake

    Long Branch Lake Nestled in the rolling farmland of northern Missouri is Long Branch Lake. The landscape was created millions of years ago when sheets of ice moved over the land. When the glaciers receded, they left a thick mantle of rich soil and a gently rolling landscape. As the Missouri River and its ... Long Branch Lake
  • Longview & Blue Springs Lakes

    Longview & Blue Springs LakesThe Kansas City District Corps of Engineers welcomes you to the Little Blue River Lakes Project. The Longview and Blue Springs Lakes and the Little Blue River Parkway located downstream from the Blue Springs Lake attract thousands of water sport enthusiasts each year. The multipurpose pool offers ... Longview & Blue Springs Lakes
  • Mark Twain Lake

    Mark Twain LakeClarence Cannon Dam and Mark Twain Lake are operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with many recreational opportunities. This 55,000-acre land and water project spans the Salt River Valley in Northeast Missouri. Rich in history and home to Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) there are many local ... Mark Twain Lake
  • Smithville Lake

    Smithville LakeSmithville Lake covers 7,190 surface acres and stretches 18 miles up the Little Platte River Valley from the damsite at Smithville to the City of Plattsburg. This extended shoreline, ranking third longest in the Kansas City District Corps of Engineers, is a significant statistic since fish and ... Smithville Lake
  • Stockton Lake

    Stockton Lake With 300 miles of shoreline, no commercial or residential development in sight, with the exception of 3 secluded marinas, Stockton Lake appears to be a wilderness setting. Nestled among the rolling, tree-covered hills at the western edge of the Missouri Ozarks, this 24,900 acre lake has a depth ... Stockton Lake
  • Table Rock Lake

    Table Rock Lake Located in the center of the Ozarks in the scenic hills of the White River valley, Table Rock Lake is located in one of the most popular recreational areas in Missouri. This area is host to millions of visitors each year. Just a few miles southwest of the world-renowned tourism destination of ... Table Rock Lake
  • Truman Lake

    Truman Lake Located on the Prairie-Ozark border, Truman Reservoir offers an ideal setting for outdoor recreation. Tugged hills, scenic river bluffs and hardwood forests offer some of the best scenery in the state. The 56,000-acre lake offers water sportsmen ample area to pursue their interests, and more ... Truman Lake