Texas History

  • Douglas MacArthur Academy of Freedom

    Affiliate of Howard Payne Univ., specializing in history and government in the context of Western civilization. Dedicated to Gen. Douglas MacArthur;

  • Ranching Heritage Center

    History of ranching told through 35 authentic structures moved to this 16-acre site:

  • Vietnam Archives

    This collection is the largest primary source materials of the Vietnam War outside of the holding of the U.S. government. In the Texas Tech Southwest Collection/

  • Concho Avenue

    Was the first street in downtown area in "Santa Angela," and street's colorful history is reflected in its stores and buildings. Also features Miss Hattie's, the "Best Little Bordello Museum inTexas."

  • Battle of Adobe Walls

    Site where two famous Indian battles were fought. Col. Kit Carson (in his last fight) and his U.S. troops in 1864

  • El Camino Real

    Spanish for the Royal Highway, also called Old San Antonio Road, the first "interstate" (actually international) highway system in North America. In this area Texas 21

  • El Camino Real

    "The King's Highway;" first blazed in 1691 by Domingo Teran de los Rios, first provincial governor of Texas. Often called "Old San Antonio Road" (OSR), route is virtually that of today's Texas 21

  • La Calle del Norte

    Spanish for "The Street of the North,"

  • Museum of South Texas History

    Founded as the Hildalgo County Historical Museum in 1967, exhibits cover the history of South Texas and Northeastern Mexico from prehistoric times up to 1900

  • Presidio La Bahia

    As conquistadors of centuries ago explored new lands for "God, Gold and Glory,"