Little Sahara Dunes

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Little Sahara Dunes Little Sahara State Park offers the perfect "oasis" for off-road vehicle enthusiasts with 1,450 acres of rideable sand dunes ranging in height from 25 to 75 feet. Each year nearly 100,000 off-road vehicle enthusiasts visit the park.

There is an area of flat sand for those sand-draggin' times, as well as a special trail that encompasses the area offering plenty of scenic views. In fact, this area has some locations with cottonwood groves and trails branching out through them. As with any sand area, in the heat of the summer it is best to stay clear because it gets too hot.

But how do you see this magnificence and experience the excitement if you don't have a dune buggie? No Problem! Little Sahara offers dune rides! These dune rides include a little bit about the flora and fauna of the area as well as a great ride around, up and over and through the dunes!

Check in at the park Office and get the current schedule and price.

Admission: $7 dollar a day dune access fee and camping is encouraged. Park permit required.
Hours: Open Year Round, 24 Hours.
Address: 4 miles S of Waynoka on US 281
Phone: 580-824-1471
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