Texas Natural Attractions

  • Woodward Agate Ranch

    Source of famed Texas agates (red plume, pompom, and a rainbow of other types) colorful jasper, labradorite feldspar, calcite, precious opal, and other minerals. Hunt and collect on over 3,000 acres;

  • San Felipe Springs and Moore Park

    Lush oasis in semiarid setting, springs were important watering stop on historic Chihuahua Road that connected Texas port of Indianola with Chihuahua City, Mexico. Springs flow some 90

  • Sierra de Cristo Rey

    The Mountain of Christ the King looms above El Paso at point where territories of Texas, Mexico, and New Mexico meet. Prominent on the 4,576

  • The Meteor Crater

    The Meteor Crater, approximately 550 feet in diameter, is the second largest in the nation. The crater is the result of a barrage of meteors crashing to the earth some 20,000 to 30,000

  • Marfa Mystery Lights Viewing Center

    First reported by early settlers in 1883

  • Great Marathon Basin

    The Great Marathon Basin is a widely known geologic area noted for extensive surface outcroppings of varied rocks and minerals, popular with professional geologists and amateur rockhounds. A 191.2

  • 2nd Largest Live Oak in Texas

    2nd Largest Live Oak in Texas

    Tree lovers must see the Second Largest Recorded Live Oak Tree in Texas. This massive tree is recognized by the Texas Forest Service among their "Registry of Champion Big Trees,"

  • Medicine Mounds

    Four unusual cone-shaped hills that rise some 350 feet above the surrounding plains;

  • McClesky Number 1

    Site of 1,700-barrel-per-day oil gusher that touched off Ranger's fantastic oil boom in 1917. Marked by granite monument at T&

  • Tahoka Daisy

    First discovered at Tahoka Lake, the lavender wild flower spreads over plains to rival the bluebonnet (state flower)

  • Wichita Falls Waterfall

    A re-creation of falls faces north on I-44 and replaces original falls washed away in a flood in 1886. Water that forms 54-foot-high falls recirculates at 3,500

  • Sabine National Forest

    Nearest entrance about five miles east on F.M. 353