Nebraska Historic Hotels

  • Paddock Hotel

    Paddock Hotel

    In 1888 U.S. Senator Algernon Paddock built a hotel and a large opera house. That structure was destroyed by fire on August
    1, 1919

  • The Vestey Center

    The Vestey Center

    The Vestey Center was built in 1929 in the art deco style. The hotel was originally named "The Nebraskan" (a joining of the names Nebraska and Kansas)

  • The Union Hotel

    The Union Hotel

    The Union Hotel was built in 1880 by Mr. Caesar Schaer. This was the same year that the first railroad came to Superior, and it was the town'

  • Hotel Stephenson

    Hotel Stephenson

    The historic Hotel Stephenson, built in 1925, is located amongst the cobblestone streets of downtown Falls City. It has been restored and still remains as a lodging establishment with 20

  • Historic Orleans Hotel

    Historic Orleans Hotel

    For a step back in time, plan to stay at the historic Orleans Hotel. Built in 1929, the hotel'

  • Wheat Growers Hotel

    Wheat Growers Hotel

    Constructed in 1918 the Wheat Growers Hotel is located in Kimball. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places