North Carolina Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Apalachia Lake

    Apalachia LakeApalachia Reservoir is a small, deep, cool-water lake set in the mountains of western North Carolina. The dam was built primarily to generate hydropower, but the reservoir also provides a beautiful site for fishing, canoeing, hiking, and primitive camping. Adjacent to the Nantahala National ... Apalachia Lake
  • Chatuge Lake

    Chatuge LakeSport fishing is popular at Chatuge Lake, both in the reservoir and in the Hiwassee River below the dam. Concrete weirs have been installed below the dam to provide a steady flow of water and to increase oxygen levels for fish and other aquatic animals. Wade fishing for trout is popular here since ... Chatuge Lake
  • Falls Lake

    Falls LakeA man-made reservoir, Falls Lake is located in the upper portion of the Neuse River Basin, nestled very near North Carolina's bustling "Triangle Area". The reservoir covers almost 12,500 acres with water, and is surrounded by 25,500 acres of public land. The dam is located just outside of ... Falls Lake
  • Fontana Lake

    Fontana Lake Fontana Reservoir occupies a site of particular splendor deep in the Great Smoky Mountains and provides 238 miles of shoreline and 10,230 acres of water surface for recreation activities. Fishing, boating, and swimming are all popular at Fontana, but it is perhaps most appreciated by wilderness ... Fontana Lake
  • Hiwassee Lake

    Hiwassee LakeThis beautiful mountain lake covers over 6,000 acres and has almost 188 miles of shoreline. The Hiwassee, Nottley and Valley Rivers feed it, and along with Appalachia Lake and Lake Chatuge, the three lakes are often referred to as the "Chain of Lakes." Surrounded by the Nantahala and Cherokee ... Hiwassee Lake
  • Jordan Lake

    Jordan LakeJordan Lake with 13,900 acres and 200 miles of shoreline is located within a 45-minute drive from Raleigh and Durham. Boat launching, picnicking, swimming beaches, campgrounds, fishing, and public marina facilities are available for public use. Nine recreation areas are operated by agencies of ... Jordan Lake
  • W. Kerr Scott Reservoir

    W. Kerr Scott Reservoir W. Kerr Scott Reservoir is located in the heart of the beautiful Yadkin River Valley, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Moravian and Cascade Falls are in the immediate vicinity and the Blue Ridge Parkway is 28 mi away. Operated by the Corps of Engineers, it offers extensive ... W. Kerr Scott Reservoir