Parker Drilling Rig

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Parker Drilling Rig Parker Drilling Company Rig 114 is 181' tall, one of the world's tallest and one of the deepest drilling. Before drilling for natural gas, it drilled a world record nuclear test hole in the Aleutian Islands in Alaska - 10' wide and 4,500' deep.

The Anadarko Basin is recognized as one of the world's most important petroleum areas. It has far and away the majority of wells drilled below 20,000', the most below 25,000', and four below 29,000. The deepest, at 31,441' blew out when it drilled into molten sulfur. It is located 30 miles
southeast of Elk City.

The rig is clearly visible from I 40 and will guide you to the grounds of the old Casa Grande Hotel which now is the site of the Anadarko Basin Museum of Natural History and Route 66 World News headquarters.

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