Quivira National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center

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Quivira National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center Located at the south end of the Refuge, the Visitors Center is filled with hands on displays for children and adults alike. The animal pelt table is of particular interest to children and the birdsong board is definitely attention grabbing. Imagine the delight in your children's eyes when they are told they CAN touch!

The diorama display will give you a preview of the different types of habitat and wildlife to be found on the Refuge. The Refuge has mudflats and wetlands, marsh edges and croplands, and prairie grasslands. Each of these three different habitats contains beautiful and life-like birds and animals for you to enjoy.

A beautiful exhibit was developed in the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center as a result of a generous donation in memory of the late George S. Armstrong, a noted Kansas sportsman and conservationist. The exhibit is a combination of a colorful mural, painted by Pratt artist, Gene Wineland, and a flushing covey of mounted bobwhite quail. The exhibit is located just inside the main entrance to the center and has received tremendous reviews by the visiting public. A plaque, located below the exhibit, tells about the life and achievements of George S. Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong was committed to Ducks Unlimited and was instrumental in helping to establish Ducks Unlimited throughout the state of Kansas. He went on to serve as the Kansas State Chairman for Ducks Unlimited from 1968 until 1973.

"Long Distance Travelers" provides visitors with information on the how and when of bird migrations, the routes they might take and some ideas as to why these birds habitually travel the same route every year. Learn about "flyways," which birds migrate and how we are able to track these birds through the use of "banding."

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Sunday afternoons during spring and fall migrations - Call for hours.
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