Red Rock Canyon Rock Climbing

category : Rappelling
Red Rock Canyon Rock Climbing Red Rock Canyon is one of the most popular rappelling sites in Oklahoma. Visitors must bring their own ropes and gear and use the park's canyon walls at designated rappelling sites only to participate in this exciting activity. Rappelling is done at the visitor's own risk and could result in serious injury. Ropes and other gear are not available for rent or use from the park.

From the surrounding rolling plains, the canyon itself is about 150 feet deep. The vertical canyon walls and overhanging cliffs seen from the canyon floor are as much as 60 feet high but are generally 45 to 50 feet in height. The tallest vertical canyon wall, located as the backdrop wall to the pond, is 74 feet at its highest point.

Admission: Park Permit Required
Hours: Open Year Round
Address: 0.5 mile S of Hinton on US Highway 281 off SH 8
Phone: 405-542-6344
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