River Heritage and Visitor Center

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River Heritage and Visitor Center The Clarksville Tourist Information Center serves to showcase attractions and sights for those traveling the Great River Road. It overlooks the U. S. Lock and Dam #24, providing a close vantage point to view all river boat and barge traffic and a 'front row seat' in the midst of one of the largest winter migrating areas for the bald eagles. It also serves as the primary location for information concerning events and attractions in Clarksville and the surrounding area.

The River Heritage section of the Center concentrates on the Mississippi River and its relationship with Clarksville. It presents a powerful setting in which visitors are allowed to explore their feelings about the river and experience greater understanding of emotional connections with it.

The main floor of the Center includes an information desk and racks of brochures and maps. Gift items are plentiful. Books of every size for every age are available to assist in telling the story of the Bald Eagle and other amazing birds of the air. Books describing life on the Mississippi River and just what makes the river run are favorites for the visitor. A display of informational and interpretive posters and signs presented by the Army Corps of Engineers provide an exceptional opportunity to absorb even more information relating to the river and the lock and dam. An observation deck allows a wide view of the river and the lock and dam.

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