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Sebelius Hunting The Norton Wildlife Area represents a very small portion of the total land in Norton County, but the area receives heavy hunting pressure. The limited public lands in Kansas require intensive wildlife management and some special restrictions to provide quality hunting areas. Wildlife population and hunter use surveys are conducted to evaluate management and the effects of heavy pressure on the area.

SMALL GAME: Pheasant hunting opportunities are usually good. Quail and prairie chickens exist in much lower numbers. Areas with a mixture of grassland, cropland, and weeds offer the best success. Hunting pressure is heavy on opening weekend in November. Planning hunts after November or during the week may be more productive.

BIG GAME: Both Whitetail and Mule deer are present. Hunting pressure is heaviest during the firearms deer season. Turkey hunting can be good, but hunting pressure is often heavy early in the season.

MIGRATORY BIRDS: Dove hunting on the area is minimal and numbers are generally low.

Ducks and geese use the lake during their migrations. Duck hunting is good on the lake while most goose hunting takes place on private land.

To provide a secure resting area for migrating waterfowl, the middle fourth of the reservoir is designated as a waterfowl refuge, and closed to waterfowl hunting from October 1 to March 1.

FURBEARERS - Numerous furbearers inhabit the area. Trapping, calling, and running are allowed in areas open to public hunting.

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