Somerville Lake Fishing

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Somerville Lake Fishing Somerville Lake has enjoyed a reputation of being an excellent catfish lake for many years. Fisherman also enjoy catching Largemouth Bass, White Bass, Hybrid Bass, White Crappie, Bluegill Sunfish (Perch), Channel Catfish, Blue Catfish, and Flathead (Yellow) Catfish.

White bass anglers know this lake well as a high quality fishery, especially during the spring spawning run. However the lake offers very good fishing for hybrid striped bass, channel catfish and crappie as well. Largemouth bass are not quite as abundant, but good catches are reported with fish up to 10 pounds being occassionally caught.

This lake offers very little shoreline cover or structure. During high water periods, flooded terrestrial vegetation is the predominant cover available for fish.

Both white bass and hybrid striped bass can be taken in the creeks in early spring, usually beginning in mid February. During summer and fall these two species can be found in open water following schooling shad. The area off Welch Park is particularly good just before the spring spawning run.

Address: From Somerville, 1 mi W of TX 36
Phone: 979-596-1622

Somerville Lake

Record Fish

Species Length Weight Date Caught Angler Method
Bass, Hybrid Striped 27.75 12.00 3/26/94 Dennis Hein RR
Bass, Largemouth 25.00 10.88 4/16/96 Earnest Evers RR
Bass, White 17.25 1.90 4/26/95 Terry Suehs RR
Bluegill 6.00 .16 8/21/93 Bill Johnson RR
Buffalo, Smallmouth 27.50 11.90 4/11/97 Paul Dorsett RR
Catfish, Blue 49.50 69.00 5/5/78 Darlan Storm Jr RR
Crappie, White 15.50 2.63 4/4/96 Mark Sullivant RR

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