Space Center Houston

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Space Center Houston If you're visiting Houston, it is a must to visit the Space Center. Why? Well, that's because you are never going to see outer space in the same way ever again. The Space Center in Houston gives you a glimpse into our universe and gives you an idea of how small our world really is. Nevertheless, you can also see the great strides that the United States has taken in space travel and realize just how advanced our technology really is. You get to look at the history of space travel, see artifacts, and you get to watch films and various presentations about the vast universe that we live in.

If you're curious about what it feels like to be in space, you can enjoy experiencing the exact conditions that astronauts have to live with while in space. The simulator presents you with challenges such as trying to bathe in space or simply trying to maneuver around in zero gravity. Want to see what really goes on behind the scenes at NASA? Take a ride over to Johnson Space Center where you can see the things you don't normally see in a televised shuttle launch and even the preparation involved in such a feat. You would be amazed how much planning and preparation goes into a shuttle launch. What you will see is certainly not like what we see on television. You can also see the new mission control center, which will make a visit to Houston way more than complete.

Admission: Adults: $18.95; Children (Age 4-11): $14.95; Seniors: $17.95; Parking: $5.00
Hours: 10am - 5pm weekdays. 10am - 6pm weekends.
Extended hours throughout the summer and some holidays.
Address: 1601 NASA PARKWAY (formerly NASA Rd 1)
Phone: 281-244-2100

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