Tennessee Area Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Boone Lake

    Boone Lake Boone Reservoir features a swimming area above the dam and a boat ramp including a courtesy pier for safe, convenient boat launching and retrieval. Water skiing and fishing are popular pastimes at Boone. The reservoir is operated for a number of purposes, including power production, flood ... Boone Lake
  • Center Hill Lake

    Center Hill Lake Located in the Cumberland Mountains of middle Tennessee, Center Hill Lake offers excellent smallmouth bass, walleye, and white bass fishing. Deep, clear water provides recreationists a beautifull setting for nearly any activity. Fancher and Burgess Falls provide beautiful scenic views. Bluffs and ... Center Hill Lake
  • Cherokee Lake

    Cherokee Lake Cherokee Reservoir attracts millions of recreational visitors each year offering 30,300 surface acres and 393 miles of shoreline. Along its shorelines are public access areas, county and municipal parks, commercial boat docks and resorts, a state park, and a state wildlife management area. There ... Cherokee Lake
  • Dale Hollow Lake

    Dale Hollow LakeLocated in the Highland Rim section of northern Tennessee and southern Kentucky, Dale Hollow's crystalline waters are ideal for virtually all water sports, including scuba diving. The Corps provides 4 modern developed campgrounds. Fifteen commercial marinas are available. Houseboaters also find a ... Dale Hollow Lake
  • Douglas Lake

    Douglas Lake Douglas Reservoir is located among the rolling uplands of the Great Valley of east Tennessee. Set against the backdrop of the lush, green Smoky Mountain foothills, Douglas attracts two million recreation visitors a year with 513 miles of shoreline and about 28,420 acres of water surface for ... Douglas Lake
  • Fort Loudoun Lake

    Fort Loudoun Lake Fort Loudoun Reservoir, located on the Tennessee River at Knoxville, is the uppermost in the chain of nine TVA reservoirs that form a continuous navigable channel from there to Paducah, Kentucky, 652 miles away. More than two million outdoor enthusiasts visit Fort Loudoun Reservoir each year. Fort ... Fort Loudoun Lake
  • Melton Hill Lake

    Melton Hill Lake Melton Hill Reservoir is on the Clinch River in east Tennessee. It extends almost 57 miles upstream from Melton Hill Dam to Norris Dam with nearly 193 miles of shoreline and 5,470 acres of water surface for recreation. Much of the northwest shoreline is United States Department of Energy ... Melton Hill Lake
  • Nickajack Lake

    Nickajack Lake Nickajack Reservoir extends 46 miles upstream from the dam to Chickamauga Dam. With 179 miles of shoreline and 10,370 acres of water surface. the reservoir offers wide expanses of water and the spectacular scenery of the Tennessee River Gorge, known as the Grand Canyon of Tennessee. ... Nickajack Lake
  • Normandy Lake

    Normandy LakeNormandy Reservoir attracts bass anglers, campers, and boaters from a wide area. Barton Springs Recreation Area on the south shore of the reservoir is particularly popular. The 17-mile-long reservoir was completed in the 1970s to aid in the economic development of the upper Duck River region. ... Normandy Lake
  • Norris Lake

    Norris Lake Norris Lake is a spectacular Tennessee attraction for all kinds of water sports such as swimming, skiing, wakeboarding, fishing and many other lake activities. Boaters come as far as Wisconsin and Florida but most of the population comes from Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. Boaters and lake ... Norris Lake
  • South Holston Lake

    South Holston Lake South Holston Reservoir is on the South Fork Holston River in northeast Tennessee. It extends 24 miles east of the dam into Virginia. Construction of the dam was begun in 1942 but was halted in favor of other wartime construction efforts. Building resumed in 1947 and was completed in 1950. ... South Holston Lake
  • Watauga Lake

    Watauga Lake Watauga holds the distinction of being the highest reservoir (more than 1,900 feet above sea level) in the Tennessee River system. The lake is 16.3 miles long, with 104.9 miles of shoreline. At full pool, the TVA's summertime water level target, its water surface covers 6,430 acres. Its estimated ... Watauga Lake
  • Watts Bar Lake

    Watts Bar Lake Watts Bar, located about midway between Knoxville and Chattanooga, is one of nine TVA dams on the Tennessee River. With 722 miles of shoreline and over 39,090 acres of water surface, the reservoir attracts millions of recreation visits each year for boating, fishing, swimming, camping, and other ... Watts Bar Lake