The Meers Store

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The Meers Store The Meers Store, serving up plate-sized longhorn beef burgers, is all that remains of a boom town born in the Wichita Mountains turn-of-the-century gold rush.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building was once a drugstore, doctor's office, newspaper office and later a general store.

Today it's a prosperous family restaurant famous for Meersburgers -- 7" diameter burgers made exclusively from the Texas Longhorn beef raised on the family's ranch. The beef is free from antibiotics, pesticides and growth hormones and is lower in cholesterol than chicken. This delicious burger has been voted, "Best Burger in Oklahoma" in the pages of the Tulsa World.

Meers' population has dwindled from the gold rush peak of 500 to one family of six people, eight cats and a dog. "It's our fault" the boast of the Meers Fault -- fifteen miles crack in the earth's crust that scientists believe could produce a major earthquake. It's not unusual to find geology students and seismologists mingling with tourists and locals to enjoy the flavor of their Meers-burgers and this unique spot.

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