The Whole Wall Mural

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The Whole Wall Mural Big Brick, Big Wall, Big WOW!
"How did they do that?" "I've never noticed this before!" What was once a nondescript wall that vehicles whizzed by on their way through Concordia on US 81, is now a jaw dropping, traffic stopping, artistic masterpiece. Located on the east wall of the Cloud County Museum Annex, Concordia, at the corner of 6th & Lincoln, (US 81), the Whole Wall Mural is the longest sculpted brick mural in the US and the largest piece of art in Kansas. The mural depicts the history of Cloud County from the early 1800's to present day in an uniquely engaging and entertaining way. A train, plane and automobiles are easy to find, but can you find the meadowlark, butterflies, and bumble bees?

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