Tuttle Creek Off Road Vehicles

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Tuttle Creek Off Road Vehicles Off-road vehicle enthusiasts have the opportunity to enjoy their sport at Tuttle Creek. Miles of trails are available at the ORV area near Randolph and at the Motorcycle Area near the Spillway.


The Spillway Cycle Area adjoins the spillway just below the east end of Tuttle Creek Dam, with access off of Dyer Road. The park is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. year-round.

The Cycle Area comprises 90 acres of open and wooded terrain adjacent to the spillway. Several miles of trails have been developed, ranging from level stretches to challenging hill climbs. Vault toilets, picnic tables, and a loading ramp are available adjacent to the entrance parking lot.

The area is open to bicycles and to all 2-, 3-, and 4-wheeled motorized vehicles WITH A WHEELBASE UNDER 66 INCHES. This measurement is taken from the center of each axle. To assist you in determining if your ORV or ATV meets the wheel base limit, pavement markings set 66 inches apart have been placed near the vault toilets. This wheel base restriction will be strictly enforced for the safety of the cyclists. Dune buggies, four-wheel drive vehicles and other machines with a wheel base greater than 66 inches are welcome to use the Tuttle Creek ORV Area near Randolph.

The cycle area map posted at the parking lot identifies the boundaries where authorized vehicles may be operated. These boundaries have been established to help ensure users? safety. Do not cross Dyer Road, the black topped road on the east side of the cycle area. Likewise, do not enter the bottomland south of the old road on the south side of the cycle area. Signs have been erected to assist you in determining these boundaries. Please observe them.

Cars and trucks are restricted to the paved entrance road and parking areas. All motorized vehicles must be effectively muffled. Help minimize trail proliferation, compaction and erosion by remaining on established trails, and avoid riding when the trails are muddy. Always tread lightly.

We encourage all users to wear protective clothing and helmets. Remember that use of the area is at your own risk. We hope your visit is safe and enjoyable and that you will return often.


The Tuttle Creek ORV Area is located 2 miles southeast of Randolph, Kansas with access off Riley County Road 893 to Secrest Road, then 1 miles east. This 310-acre park is open to all motorized and non-motorized vehicles. Miles of trails with steep climbs, sharp turns, and rugged terrain await the off-road enthusiast.

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