World's Largest Statuary

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World's Largest Statuary In 32 years of production, the Skiatook Statuary has shipped casting to both coasts, Canada and points south in Texas and Florida. On one rare occasion, products were sent air freight to Saudi Arabia, and another via the Port of Catoosa, to Russia. There are over 5 acres of beautiful concrete ornamentals.

Products at Skiatook Statuary are manufactured entirely with Oklahoma materials and Oklahoma labor in an Oklahoma town ... Skiatook. Since 1967, the Statuary has created ornamental concrete pieces ranging in size from one-inch to six-foot and weighing from only a few ounces to over a 1,000 pounds."The Monarch Lion"

"The Monarch Lion" - Sculptured in 1928, by an artist brought from England. Only a handful were cast from the mold. 60 years later the last original casting was brought to Skiatook Statuary by the corporation that had "delegated" the original 1928 sculpture. Rights to the production of this classic lion were granted exclusively to Skiatook Statuary in 1988. The rubber liner part of the mold is more than two men can lift. The fiberglass "backing", of course, is considerably more in weight. It is heavily reinforced through the tail, legs and base.

Dimensions: 2' x 7' x 4' Tall

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