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The A.D. Buck Museum of Science and History was founded in 1913 by Mr. C. E. Johnson who was a biology instructor. One of his courses was taxidermy and work from this course led to many of the early specimens in the museum. The Museum was housed in Wilkin Hall prior to its burning in 1914 and then was housed in North/Harold Hall until 1968 when it was moved into its own building.

From the 1930's to 1966, the museum was directed by A. D. Buck. During this era, it was named the Yellow Bull Museum after a Nez Perce chief. It also expanded to a collection of both scientific items as well as historical items. In 1968 after the retirement of Mr. Buck, the Museum was named in his honor.

The Museum collects items of historical and scientific interest to the service area of the college, Kay county and all adjacent counties. The main parts of the collection include:

1. NOC History
2. Pioneer History
3. Military History
4. Three Sands Oil Field
5. Tonkawa Prisoner of War Camp
6. Big V Ranch
7. Mounted Specimens of Birds and Mammals
8. The Herbert Walther Mineral/Fossil Collection (Housed in the Crowder Science Hall)

Admission: Admission is free.
Hours: Hours Vary: 2:00-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Appointments available.
Open by student workers.
Address: 1220 East Grand, North & Pine St, Northern Oklahoma College.
Phone: 580-628-3318

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