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Day Trips Day trips, 3 to 5 days, can be designed for your specific interests. The trips can include rodeos, trail rides, outlaw hideouts, fantasy adventures, and more. You can also take the opportunity to tour a feedlot, cattle auction or other areas where you see today's cowboy at work.

For groups, there are options that include a Norwegian meal with entertainment at the Oslo Community (20 miles south), a German meal with a bit of history on a local Mennonite sect (who makes the meal for you), a Mexican evening that includes dancing by our wonderful Alma Folklorico Dancers. We can also set you up for a box social, ice cream social, classic car ride, spelling bee, square dance or some other fun time.

Make Guymon your hub for wonderful tours of Black Mesa, the Santa Fe Trail (Cimarron Branch), the Dalton Gang Hideout, Liberal Air Museum, and Dorothy's House and Wizard of Oz Museum.

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Attractions and Upcoming Events

Soaring Eagle Art Gallery

This airy gallery is comfortable and fun to tour. All types of mediums are featured by the artists here. Often you might even get to visit with one of the artists as they paint when you come in.

Guymon, OK Arts

Genealogy Section, Library

The Guymon Public Library has an extensive Genealogy Section that includes area newspaper from pre-statehood to the present on microfilm. There is also an extensive Native American genealogy area;

Guymon, OK Genealogy

Guymon Wild Game Reserve

Sitting to the north of Thompson Park, across the dam, is the Guymon Game Reserve. Driving up to the reserve fence or sitting on one of the park benches, you may be able to view Aoudad sheep, llamas, buffalo, prairie dogs, African Watusi and Longhorn cattle and elk.

Guymon, OK Wildlife Refuges

Tortilla Factory

This small, locally owned tortilla factory has a friendly and helpful staff who are more than willing to let you come in and watch them making their delicious tortillas. There is sufficient room in the shop for 20

Guymon, OK Ethnic Heritage

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