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Homestead Museum Some of the items in the museum came from the people who came by covered wagon to homestead in what is now Ellis County, Oklahoma in the the late 1890s and early 1900s.

There are household items (tables, pie cabinet, bed, dishes, more), personal items (powder boxes, watches, mirrors, more), clothes, toys, salt & pepper collection, and much more.

Sheet music from both World War I and II, original Oklahoma state song, song books from the 1800s, old instruments, more.

On the grounds are old forges, hose drawn farm equipment and more.

There is a list of Ellis County veterans from Civil War to present day, war medals, uniforms, emblems, more.

Old newspaper accounts on natural Disasters of Northwest Oklahoma

We have school momentos which include: school souvenirs from Pre-Oklahoma statehood, pictures of Ellis County rural schools that are no longer in existence, letter jacket from early 1940, school books from rural schools and much more.

The Gift Shop has handmade wooden items, wooden toys, hand crochet items, and more.

Admission: Admission, donations only.
Address: 821 S. Santa Fe
Phone: 580-938-2141
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In keeping with the narrow focus of the Shattuck Windmill Museum and Park, a half-dugout has been reconstructed at the park to show how many of the early settlers lived. It is furnished with a small iron stove, table and quilt covered bed. See how a dry, packed earthen floor actually becomes "

Shattuck, OK Pioneer History

Time-line Murals

Six murals, depicting the History of Shattuck, are dedicated to the early pioneer families whose courage and hard work sculpted a bustling, thriving town out of an arid prairie inhabited by buffalo and coyotes.

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Homestead House

In 1997, a one and a half story homestead house was moved to the Windmill Museum and Park. This home typifies the frame structure that an early family would have built once they had moved from their "soddy." It is furnished and contains a small corner for windmill memorabilia.

Shattuck, OK Pioneer History

Windmill Museum and Park

Shattuck Windmill Museum and Park was established in 1994 and now, 37 windmills stand in the park, with no two alike, from a little 5 foot "Star Zephyr" to the big 18 foot "Samson."

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