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Mem-Erie Historical Museum

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Mem-Erie Historical Museum Susan Beth Janssen's 1800's Dress. Mem-Erie Museum has various collections that we wish to preserve for our children and grandchildren. We feel it is of great value to Erie and the surrounding area. We want to encourage the general public to feel that these are their ancestors and their history.

Most of the items in the Museum are from Erie or Neosho County. Lots of school pictures and memorabilia. Beautiful antique clothing and furniture. Everyone is invited to visit the Museum. If you have antiques that you treasure and would like them to be remembered by people that visit the Museum you can donate them to the Museum and everyone that visits can enjoy your things

The Neosho County Historical Society was chartered with the state of Kansas in 1991. There are 57 charter members.

Handicap Accessible

Admission: FREE Admission
Hours: May thru Sept, Wednesday & Friday - 1:00 to 3:00 PM. Other times by appointment. Phone numbers posted on door.
Address: 233 S. Main
Phone: 620-244-3218

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