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Lake Afton

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Lake Afton Lake Afton Park, which occupies a 720-acre site is operated by the Board of Sedgwick County Commissioners. The Park includes a 258-acre lake which was started in 1939 and completed in 1942, by the WPA work force.

Address: Located 5 miles SW of Goddard on W MacArthur Road S, and 25 miles southwest of Wichita.
Phone: 316-794-2774

Park Facilities

6 - Shelter houses plus many large and small open shelters
5 - Modern restrooms with showers
2 - Recreational vehicle sanitation disposal facilities
1 - Boat ramp
3 - Fishing docks with feeders
1 - Grocery and bait store
3 - Swimming areas ( 2 large/1 small)


* Boating * Go-Cart Races * Antique Car Shows * Jet Ski Races * Family Gatherings & Picnics * Dances * Young Hunters Safety Clinics * Company Picnics * Fishing contests * Water Skiing * Camping groups * State & National Jamborees


  • Open shelters with or without electrical outlets are strategically placed.
  • Primitive camping is available in many locations.
  • Camping day is 6 pm to 6 pm or any portion thereof
  • With Electricity - $11.00/day (Seniors - $9.00)
  • Primitive Camp - $7.00/day (Seniors - $6.00)
  • Water hook-ups are available at only 16 sites, and there is an extra $1.00/day charge for these sites.


  • Many species of fish are contained in the lake.
  • Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, White and Black Crappie, Sunfishes, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Black Bullhead and Walleye are game fish caught by local anglers in the lake.
  • Other species inhabiting the lake include Carp, Gizzardshad, Drum, River Carpsucker, Grass Carp and numerous minnow species.
  • The lake yields some of the largest flathead Catfish in the state.
  • 24 Hour period - $3.00 (Seniors - $2.00)
  • Yearly - $15.00 (Seniors - $10.00)


  • Permitted from sunup to sundown
  • Obtain Boat Permit at the Office before putting boat on the water.
  • No skiing after sundown
  • No tubes or jet skiis
  • All boats up to 20 hp - $3.00/day --- $30.00/year
  • 21 hp-90hp -- $5.00/day ---$50.00/year
  • 91 hp and up - $6.00/day --- $60.00/year

SHOOTING RANGE (Contact Lake Office)

  • Range is open to the public for rifles or pistols and is operated by Young Hunters Incorporation.
  • Range is located north of 39th street south.
  • The range is open to the public 2 weekends per month.


  • The observatory was built in 1981 and has the latest equipment.
  • Visitors may use personal telescopes or the observatory telescope. Information may be obtained from the Park Office.

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